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How many of us have heard “well, that’s not fair!” from our students, coworkers, or our own children? Caroline Beldon wrote in The Inclusion Solution “Equality is leaving the door open for anyone who has the means to approach it; equity is ensuring there is a pathway to that door for those who need it”. In my role as ISD superintendent, I’ve had many conversations with legislators and other educators discussing equity for our students, staff and communities in the region.


We have seen great strides in the past few years with school funding becoming more equitable across districts in the state. Our funding for our younger students in the Great Start Readiness Program (GSRP) has become more equitable as well. Special education funding has improved, but there is still work to be done.


Another area of equity for our region is secure and affordable broadband connectivity. Through the EUPConnect Collaborative, we have been pursuing access to broadband at every 911 address in the region. Approximately 80% of unserved or underserved areas now have funding committed for fiber installation. Some of our areas, particularly in West Mackinac County, are already seeing this investment. We are excited to see infrastructure investment and look forward to a continued pathway to equitable access.


In our classrooms, let’s work to make sure equity is ever-present. All students benefit when each student receives what they need to succeed. I’d love to hear how you promote equity in your classrooms! 


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Parents as Teachers of the EUP Awarded Grant to Boost Literacy and Inclusion in EUP Communities

The Eastern Upper Peninsula Intermediate School District’s Early Childhood program Parents as Teachers of the EUP (PAT of the EUP) is thrilled to announce the successful award of a Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility (DEIA) grant that will empower families in Chippewa, Luce, and Mackinac Counties to foster a love of reading and develop strong literacy skills, all while celebrating diversity and inclusion.

Bridging Gaps in a Geographically Widespread Region

The EUP encompasses 4,658 sparsely populated square miles, home to just over 55,000 residents with strong traditions and deep connections. While the EUP boasts breathtaking landscapes of nature and a unique sense of resourcefulness, its rural nature can create geographic barriers, resource limitations and lack of diversity. With this grant, a strong network of community partners working together can transform the narrative of limited resources to one of unlimited potential. Diverse books will be used to open doors to new worlds and experiences, fostering imagination and a hunger for knowledge.Empowering Parents through Literacy and Diversity

PAT of the EUP's DEIA challenge grant project tackles these challenges head-on by:

Equipping Families: PAT of the EUP’s Parent partner will receive specialized training in early literacy enabling them to better support families enrolled in Parents as Teachers of the EUP. Interested families who are expecting or who have children ages birth through five not already enrolled in a school-readiness program may enroll. To learn more about about this free home-based parent involvement and education program or to sign-up visit: tinyurl.com/PAToftheEUP

Building Diverse Libraries: In the coming months, PAT of the EUP will be working with community partners to establish Little Free Libraries® across the EUP. Little Free Libraries® will be initially stocked with inclusive books, bringing literacy closer to families. 

Promoting Inclusivity: Diverse books will also be distributed at group connections and community events, encouraging empathy and understanding for different cultures and backgrounds. To learn more about these events, follow “EUPISD Early Childhood” on Facebook.

A Book Bike for All: A unique "book bike" will make its way through the EUP, delivering books and connecting with families in remote areas. This mobile library promises to become a beloved symbol of the project's commitment to reaching even the most rural areas of our community. 

Lasting Impact:

This grant represents a significant investment in the future of the EUP's children. Through a love of reading and embracing diverse perspectives, the project plants the seeds for children to flourish as thoughtful, adaptable, and engaged citizens in our ever-evolving global community. A pre-survey composed of 10 questions will be used to assess community needs as well as to suggest strategic locations and topics for Little Free Libraries® (tinyurl.com/LFLsurveyEUP). Survey participants can expect a follow-up survey in the fall.  PAT of the EUP is committed to long-term impact. Community partners, including individuals or groups interested in becoming "Little Free Library® Stewards," will play a crucial role in maintaining and fostering these vibrant literacy hubs. Interested groups or individuals wishing to indicate their level of support or willingness to become a “Library Steward'' in their community are encouraged to complete the Partner survey: tinyurl.com/LFLPartner

“The EUPISD Great Start Collaborative (GSC) is excited to partner with Parents As Teachers (PAT) in this grant focusing on literacy to improve Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility (DEIA). We are grateful for books in the EUP featuring characters that represent different backgrounds and advance a love for reading for everyone. The development and placement of Little Free Libraries® and a book bike is a meaningful expansion to our eight permanent Storywalks® in the region. I believe this programming will support families and bring joy in accessing quality literature featuring characters that are easy to connect with.“

-Beth Rye, Great Start Collaborative Coordinator

“Getting books into the hands of kids and young adults is my all-the-time goal. With this grant, this is more likely to happen in our community. Furthermore, those who benefit will perhaps see themselves reflected in these books and it will lead to a lifetime of reading.”

-Sheila Hatch, Youth Services Librarian, Bayliss Public Library

“As much of an exciting announcement this is for us to make, it is also a call to action for our community. We are looking to work together with passionate individuals, families, groups, community leaders and/or partners to see the full impact of this project in our community. This will be a community supported initiative - from identifying accessible locations for libraries, to identifying “Little Free Library® Ambassadors'” (individuals or groups) willing to keep libraries stocked and maintained, as well as support from community members willing to donate gently used books to keep books circulating throughout our communities. Multiple levels of support are accepted, from help installing the Little Free Libraries to ambassadors who can help us maintain libraries, and from community members continuing to generate excitement for our new community resources by sharing via word of mouth or sharing your experience with your community’s Little Free Library® online! Please reach out if you are interested in partnering.”

- Sabrina Neveu, Parents of the EUP- Parent partner  

DEIA Grant Contact:

Sabrina Neveu

Eastern Upper Peninsula Intermediate School District

Parents as Teachers of the EUP

Parent Partner


(906) 422-0377




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February-March 2024 – Newsletter Highlights:

  • The First Timers Scholarship Application is open for the Michigan Council for Social Studies Conference! The conference will take place on May 3-4 at Macomb ISD.
    • Multiple awards will be given as we try to ease the cost of attendance for elementary, middle, and high school teachers. While you'll still need to cover your own transportation and lodging, Winners of our first-timers scholarship award will have their conference registration paid in full by MCSS. The deadline for applications is February 29, 2024 by 5 p.m.
  • Section 99d of the 2023-2024 School Aid Act provides $6 million from the state school aid fund for local districts to do both of the following:
    • Develop and implement plans for professional learning concerning the teaching of the fullness of American history, including, but not limited to, the teaching of the history of communities of color and other marginalized communities, the teaching of local history, and the teaching of cultural competency.
    • The purchasing of books and other educational resources for educators and students to support the goal of teaching every middle school and high school student American history that reflects the diversity of this state, including, but not limited to, the teaching of the history of communities of color and other marginalized communities.
    • Upcoming Technical Assistance Opportunities
    • This grant is due on Wednesday, March 6, 2024 by 5:00 p.m.



CTE/Work-Based Learning

February is CTE month and during the month of February, all 10th grade students are invited to tour the CTE programs in the region.  The goal of the CTE tours is to provide 10th students an opportunity to see the CTE programs and learn more information about the various programs prior to scheduling for fall classes.

Sault Area Career Center Business Professionals of America competed at the regional event on January 12.  63 students competed in the event, and 58 advanced to the state leadership conference to be held in Grand Rapids.  Congratulations to the students and teachers for a successful event.

The Rudyard Cabinetry and Furniture Manufacturing program has partnered with the Les Cheneaux’s Construction program to build cabinets for a home.  They are also building cabinets for Northwoods Christian Camp

The Rudyard Mechatronics program is working on designing and programing submarines.  They have also completed a Snap-on certification in precision measurement.

The Rudyard Education program has grown to over 50 students.  Students from Brimley, Detour, Newberry, Pickford, and Rudyard are working in various K-7 classrooms, as well as High School Art, Band, Health, and PE classrooms.

The Newberry Health CTE program students have learned how to take blood pressures, made muscular models with Play-Doh and learned how to safely transfer and ambulate patients. They are currently working on Basic Life Support. They are also in the works of planning their community outreach event and have decided to do a Teddy Bear Clinic for elementary kids to help them become more comfortable with going in for their well child appointments and getting vaccines.



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REMC 22 Lend-Items Library Access 

Teachers, welcome to another year!  REMC 22 has a library of classroom materials that can be checked out to support student engagement and learning... books, robots, maker materials, tools, and technology.  Contact Marianna Ripple (mripple@eupschools.org) if you have questions or if you want to set up your account. 


Regional Data Manager Meetings 

Data Managers from all regional schools are asked to participate in these meetings to create and communicate regional processes related to student enrollment, NWEA, technology, and reporting.  Please see Wisdomwhere to register for the meetings: 2/8/2024 (Open Work Day for 2025) - 3/21/2024 - 5/9/2024. 

 See the Data Management Team in O365 for updates and meeting links. 


NWEA Testing for 2024 

Testing plans will help ensure all students demonstrate their learning and growth. A plan to complete testing one week before the end of the testing window can help account for student absences. 

Spring: April 29-May 24, 2024 


Discovery Education Access 

Discovery Education offers video and activities content to support learning.  Are you using blended teaching or virtual settings with your students?  Discovery Education (DE) has engaging content for you and your students!  Contact Marianna Ripple (mripple@eupschools.org) for access, questions, and support. 


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February 2024 Newsletter Highlights:

  • Grant opportunities & student scholarships have been moved to a separate newsletter. Grants include nutrition, school gardens, equity & inclusion, and more. One grant of interest may be the Lake Michigan School Food System Innovation Hub’s Spark Grant, which will award $10,000-20,000 to schools to improve their school food system.
  • The Remaining Health & PE Curriculum Resource Team meetings and HIV/STI & Sex Ed training dates for February & March can be viewed on the 2023-24 Professional Learning Calendar
  • The MDE LGBTQ+ Students Project has released its winter & spring webinar schedule. View session descriptions and register here.
  • Eaton RESA has released a sexual health curriculum snapshot guide. This guide will be of great assistance for sex ed advisory boards in the process of reviewing new curriculum.



  • Native Advisor/Title VI Coordinator PLC Meetings
    • Here is a link to register through wisdomwhere. The meetings are from 8:30am to11:30am with lunch being offered if you can stay afterwards (registration is required). A Zoom option is available, however in-person is preferred. 
    • Meeting dates:
      • February 21, 2024, Topic will be on integrating Anishinaabe inclusivity in puberty curriculum. There will also be time to collaborate with each other.
      • April 10, 2024
      • May 22, 2024
    • These meetings are open to educators, administrators, Native advisors, and Title VI coordinators.
    • If you have any questions, concerns or would like to schedule a professional development centered around Native Inclusion in Education, please contact Paula Finfrock at pfinfrock@eupschools.org
  • Here are some local event flyers OPEN TO THE PUBLIC! (some you must register to attend):