January 2024 Newsletter


Happy New Year! I hope you each had a safe and peaceful holiday break and were able to re-energize. Welcome to 2024 ~ may it be a great year of growth and learning!

Shortly before the holiday break, I attended a concert sponsored by the Soo Theatre. Individually, each musician was very talented. Collectively, the musicians created a wonderful evening of holiday music and singing. It made me think of how we work in our schools.  

Individually, we each have our strengths. We focus our efforts on our own special area, whether it is instruction, administration or supporting services. But together, we bring more. What is collective efficacy and why does it matter? Collective efficacy is the belief that we can achieve more together than alone. Collective efficacy can help us overcome challenges, learn from each other, and create positive outcomes for ourselves and others. Researchers such as Bandura (1977) and Hattie (2016) have identified collective efficacy as a major impact on student achievement.

Let’s start 2024 with the intention to work together and bring our best to our students and communities!


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Microsoft Teams is growing in our region as the premiere communications tool for Q&As, collaboration, and knowledge sharing. The number of classes using Teams Classroom increases each semester.


New Teams for Education began rollout in October to individual users who selected that option. The full rollout is scheduled for the end of semester in January 2024. At that time, all instances of Teams will automatically be set to the new Teams for Education.


Some of the benefits of the new Teams for Education help improve your classroom well-being – learn more about this at New Teams features help improve your classroom’s well-being | Microsoft EDU (https://educationblog.microsoft.com/en-us/2022/08/new-teams-features-help-improve-your-classrooms-well-being)


You will notice only slight differences in the appearance of Teams as most changes increased the availability of supporting tools and accessibility. We often search online for tips on using Teams, you may notice that online instructions or videos look slightly different because they were recorded using original Teams. It may take time for those to catch up, but you will notice the changes and adjust accordingly.