February 2023 Newsletter



February is designated as CTE Month. Our region continues to develop and expand career and technical education opportunities for our students supported by our regional CTE millage. Currently, there are twenty-one CTE programs for our EUP students to attend. The classes include Business Administration, Accounting/Finance, Digital Business, Financial Marketing, Education, Natural Resources, Cybersecurity, Welding Technology, Small Engine Repair-Marine, Mechatronics & Robotics, Woodworking-Cabinetry, & Furniture, Construction Technology, Health Sciences, Law Enforcement, Drafting, Machine Tool Technology and Automotive. We’re excited to support the continued growth of opportunities for our students!


EUPISD Upcoming Events








Interactive Writing in the K-1 Classroom PD – Thursday. February 16th

  • Interactive writing is a collaborative event in which students and their teacher compose an authentic writing piece. Throughout the process, the teacher models and teaches reading and writing strategies. At points selected by the teacher for instructional value, students are invited to 'share the pen' to write a word, phrase, or part of a word. Early foundational literacy skills are taught and modeled by the teacher and practiced by the students. The areas of learning can include concepts about print, vocabulary, phonological awareness, learning about letters and words, sight/high-frequency words, and composing a writing piece.




Please enjoy the January 2023 issue of Reading Recovery: Top to Bottom. This issue shares information on the science of reading and the media; opportunities for professional learning; and clarifies the importance of understanding literacy terms. Additionally included is information about World Read Aloud Day!




Winter 2023 Newsletter

ISD social studies consultants around Michigan have developed a survey for administrators and educators to better understand the landscape of elementary social studies instruction in Michigan. Research shows that time for social studies in the elementary school day (K-5) has been in a steady decline for decades. Our goal is to compile state-specific data in order to make data-driven decisions to advocate for elementary social studies in the state.

We are asking K-5/6 building administrators, teachers, district leaders, curriculum consultants, and instructional coaches to complete the survey on what social studies instruction looks like in your school!

The survey takes 5 to 15 minutes to complete. The survey is open until February 17. Upon completion of the survey, participants will be prompted to enter their contact information into an external site to be entered in a drawing for one of fifty $20 Amazon gift cards.

For questions regarding the research study associated with this survey, please contact Dr. Linda Doornbos at ldoornbas@oakland.edu or Dr. Annie Whitlock at whitlann@gvsu.edu. You can also reach out to Helen Craig, EUP ISD Social Studies Consultant, regarding any questions on survey development or how data will be used. Click here to access the survey.





Regional Data Manager Meetings

Data Managers from all regional schools are asked to participate in these meetings in order to create and communicate regional processes related to student enrollment, NWEA, technology, and reporting.  Please see Wisdomwhere to register for the meetings: 2/9/2023 (2024 Scheduling Workday) - 3/23/2023 - 5/11/2023.

Weekly support sessions will be available on a drop-in basis.  These will take place on most Thursdays at 1pm.  See the Data Management Team in O365 for updates and meeting links.


NWEA Testing for 2023

Testing plans will help ensure that students have the best opportunity to demonstrate their learning and growth. The last week of the testing window should be reserved for testing students who were absent during regular testing.

Winter: January 2 – February 3, 2023

Spring: May 1 – May 26, 2023


M-STEP Testing (Spring 2023)

Testing begins April 10thProviding students with ample practice opportunities using the Online Testing Tools (https://wbte.drcedirect.com/MI/portals/mi/) will ensure they are familiar with the test content, item types, navigation strategies, and system tools on test day.


Discovery Education

Discovery Education offers video and activities content to support learning.  Check out the Discovery Educator Network.  Contact Marianna Ripple (mripple@eupschools.org) for access, questions, and support.


REMC 22 Lend-Items Library Access

REMC 22 has a library of classroom materials that can be checked out to support student engagement and learning... books, robots, maker materials, tools, and technology.  Contact Marianna Ripple (mripple@eupschools.org) or REMC 22 (remc22@eupschools.org) if you have questions or if you want to set up your account.


Need SCECHsREMC Free Virtual Courses




February 2023 Newsletter

  • Reproductive Health & HIV/STI Prevention Education:
    • Required trainings for HIV & Sexuality Education will take place on February 22 & 23. HIV/STI prevention must be taught once per building level (elementary, middle, & high school). To check on the training status of your teachers, contact Helen Craig (hcraig-isd@eupschools.org)  
    • Sex Education Supervisors met in January 2023 to share resources and review legal requirements. If your supervisor was not able to attend, contact Helen Craig for access to those resources.
  • The United Dairy Industry of Michigan is having a virtual “Breakfast and a Book” event on February 9 at 10 a.m. with the Detroit Piston’s Mascot Hooper. The event will celebrate Black History Month. Hooper will join Aaron Scott to read the book, The Day You Begin, discuss favorite breakfast foods, and answer student questions. The story reminds us that we all feel like outsiders sometimes and how brave it is that we go forth anyway.  Learn more about this event here.
  • Several Requests for Proposals have opened – Safe Routes to School, Child & Adolescent Health Center Program Implementation, and School-Based Health Services RFPs are now live. See the newsletter for more information & links.





Native Advisor/Title VI Coordinator PLCs


All are welcome to attend.  Please register here: Wisdomwhere Link

  • February 7th from 8:30am to 11:30am: Let's share the Truth: Evaluating Materials and Resources about Anishinaabek (Native American Indians)
  • March 7th from 8:30am to 11:30am: Medicine Wheel Logic Model and Community Engagement
  • May 3rd from 8:30am-11:30am: Indigenous Ways of Knowing


Michigan Indian Education Council Conference


This year’s theme is: Aanji-aki: The Changing Earth & Indigenous Adaptation

Indigenous peoples have adapted to changes on Shkakimikwe (Mother Earth) since time immemorial. We value repatriation as core to the revitalization of our traditional education systems. These traditions will help us bring our world back into balance as we restore healthy relations, especially for those who are most vulnerable, including women, children, and two-spirit. We will adapt to climate change as we continue to find our identity as rooted in Shkakimikwe.
































MIEC Conference registration and agenda will be added here soon.

  • March 9th-11th 2023 at Kewadin-Sault
  • There will be an adult track, student track, and a youth track.
  • Topics include:
    • Michigan Boarding School Study
    • Maawndoonganan Anishinaabe Resource Manual for Michigan Social Studies Standards
    • Land Acknowledgement
    • Anishinaabemowin
    • Community traditional foods activity
    • TBD




IEP Implementation: Supplementary Aids and Services

Supplementary aids and services are provided to special education students within an Individualized Education Program (IEP). They are intended to improve students’ access to learning and participation in all aspects of school (academic and non-academic / extracurricular). The supplementary aids and services are selected for each student individually during their IEP and can include accommodations, modifications, or supports. The student’s educational team is required to make sure the student can access the supplementary aids and services and keep documentation to show when they are provided.

Students sometimes require different accommodations, modifications, and supports throughout the day. Therefore, each teacher and service provider must take steps to ensure they know what they are responsible for implementing. A documentation form is typically the best way to keep track of what is required for each student with an IEP. The form should be completed daily by each individual who implements the supplemental aids and services. The documentation not only supports student progress but also provides the IEP team with valuable information to ensure continued student success.

The Michigan Department of Education has issued guidance for schools regarding Supplemental Aids and Services – LINKED HERE. Additional resources can be found on the Michigan Alliance for Families website and also from the Center for Parent Information and Resources.


Specially Designed Instruction: Progress Monitoring

The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act requires schools to provide Specially Designed Instruction (SDI) for special education eligible students. SDI is instruction that is tailored to a specific student to address their individualized goals. Progress on the goals is regularly monitored to determine if the instruction provided is resulting in student growth. All special education teachers and providers in the EUP are required to participate in a professional learning activity related to progress monitoring using the Data Based Individualization (DBI) cycle developed by the National Center on Intensive Intervention. The DBI cycle is a framework for using assessment data to monitor progress and provide intensified interventions. Visit the National Center on Intensive Intervention website to learn more about DBI.


EUPISD PAC Educator of the Year Awards: Love Your Educator

It is that time of year again, when the EUPISD PAC representatives are reaching out to their home district to obtain submissions for their district’s Educator of the Year award recipient. The EUPISD PAC is looking to represent each district with one nominee. Each PAC representative is being asked to work with their constituent district to nominate one person from their district for the “Educator of the Year” Award. The nominations will be reviewed by the PAC committee. The final awards will be sent to the districts to honor the award winners during the month of February with the theme of Love Your Educator. If you have any questions about the EUPISD PAC or would like more information, please contact PAC Chairperson Kelli Fenlon kfenlon@eupschools.org or PAC Liaison Ruthanne Stark rstark1@eupschools.org.


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