January 2023 Newsletter



Happy New Year! We’re almost half-way through this school year. How are you feeling about the year? New Year’s is often a period of reflection and refocusing for many of us. As we return to school after the holiday, our students benefit from getting back into school routines. Our schools provide a safe, nurturing environment for our students. The relationships we have with our students provide the foundation for an effective learning environment. They don’t care what you know until they know you care, right? I encourage all of you to reflect on the practices and experiences over the last semester. What has worked well? What has not worked so well? Let’s be intentional in our interactions with our students and co-workers and make 2023 the best possible year!


Take a moment this month to thank a school board member. January is School Board Appreciation Month. Our board members are responsible for making policies that govern our districts. Board members are tasked with carrying out the state’s education obligations, but at the local level.  School boards often face tough decisions, typically without much thanks for their voluntary service. To all our school board members, thank you for your service to our students, schools, and communities!


Let’s have a great 2023!


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Winter 2023 Newsletter Highlights:

  • Regional History Day is March 10, 2023! Schools can register their interest by filling out the linked excel sheet.
  • The Social Studies Teacher Leader Corps invites any interested educators in K-12 education to participate in the following initiatives for our remaining 2023 meetings:
    • Elementary Educators: Literacy & Social Studies – These sessions will focus on how to integrate social studies into literacy instruction with a focus on skills & strategies to increase student capacity across subject areas.
    • Secondary Educators: Common Assessment Updates - Continuing our work from Summer 2022, secondary educators will resume updating summative assessments that can be accessed by all social studies educators in the EUP ISD service region. These assessments can be used as pre- & post- tests, unit tests, or for evaluation purposes. Completed assessments will align with the 2019 Michigan Social Studies Standards.
    • Our next meeting is January 10! See the full schedule & register here.
  • Scholarship opportunities, art contest, state-wide teacher PD opportunities, and resources for heritage & awareness months are also available in the quarterly newsletter!




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Check out our free REMC Media Literacy Toolkit! This toolkit is designed to introduce students to the process of finding, organizing, using, producing, evaluating, and distributing information in various media formats. https://www.remc.org/classroom-resources/media-literacy/



Open Educational Resources (OER) are free, high quality, openly licensed educational tools. Explore the dynamic collections of OER on the #GoOpen Michigan website, resources include lesson plans, presentations, activities, assessments and more. Starts 1/9: https://bit.ly/remcopen



This course focuses on the Collaborator & Facilitator roles in the REMC Presentation Skills Toolkit. Learn to maximize learning time and increase engagement. "Preparing Professional Presentations'' is a prerequisite for this course. Starts Jan. 9th: https://bit.ly/remcprofpres



Did you know that all REMC courses and workshops are aligned with at least one Microcredential Pathway? Check out all REMC pathways designed to provide you with digital, shareable acknowledgement of professional learning. Click here: https://bit.ly/328SgWk



The REMC Association of Michigan wishes everyone a happy, healthy New Year.  See you in 2023!





January 2023 Newsletter Highlights:

  • January Professional Learning Opportunities (Full Calendar)
    • January 18: Gender & Sexuality Alliance Advisor Training
    • January 19: Sex Education Supervisor Meeting
      • Reminder: Per Michigan law, every school district that teaches reproductive health should have a Sex Education Advisory Board (SEAB). The sex education supervisor for each district is responsible for convening the SEAB, gathering student data, and assisting the SEAB with a review process for curriculum. The sex education supervisor can be a health endorsed educator with 3+ years of experience, a nurse, or registered physician. This meeting will assist sex education supervisors in understanding their role as well as provide resources and ongoing support.
    • January 26: Health & PE Curriculum Resource Team: Theme: Body Image & Nutrition Education.
  • Michigan School Health Coordinators Association Virtual Health Series:
    • January 19: Skills for Having Difficult Conversations
    • February 28: Helping the Helpers: Invisible Stress




EUPISD Parent Advisory Committee

The EUPISD Parent Advisory Committee (PAC) is a committee promoting a partnership between families and professionals in the education of students with disabilities, by providing communication, awareness and collaboration between parents, community, local school districts, and the Intermediate School District. The PAC has developed a parent handbook to support understanding of special education procedures and encourage collaboration between schools and families. The Parent Handbook can be found on the EUPISD website at https://www.eupschools.org/Page/5117

January 2023 Special Education Newsletter


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