April 2022 Newsletter


Many years, at this time, I would have just returned from a visit to somewhere warmer.  Spring Break is a great time to get away. This year, I chose to stay home and take care of some projects around the house.  I organized, painted, and worked on assignments for the classes I’m taking currently.  I enjoyed seeing friend’s posts about their vacations and might have been a little envious about the warmer temps they were experiencing.  For either experience, the break in our normal activities allows us an opportunity to relax and unwind.  Hopefully, each of you has returned to work or school with a refreshed attitude, ready to accomplish much in our last quarter of the school year!

Last week, Governor Whitmer signed into law the Infrastructure Bill - SB 565 (sponsored by Senator Bumstead).  This massive bill totals $4.7 billion and includes appropriations related to housing and homeowner assistance, rental assistance, state and local parks and trails, transportation, and broadband expansion.   There is $250.6 million allocated to provide grants for the expansion of broadband internet service into unserved areas.  The EUPConnect Collaborative (EUPCC) is a collaboration of school districts, townships, cities, economic development commissions, hospitals, Native American tribes, libraries, and Mackinac County with a mission of bringing internet access to all 911 addresses in the EUP.  We recently published our first project RFP for a Schools and Libraries Network.  The Infrastructure Bill will be pivotal toward meeting this goal in the EUP.  For more information, go to https://www.eupschools.org/rfp.


Social Studies

Spring 2022 Newsletter Highlights:

  • MiVote Matters - Youth Voter Registration Drive: Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson created the High School Voter Registration Challenge to recognize high schools throughout the state for their commitment to registering students to vote. Students who are 17 1/2 years old and 18 by the next election are eligible to register to vote. The registration drive is currently open. For more information, visit: https://www.inspire2vote.org/mivotematters
  • April is Genocide Awareness Month: Under Public Act 170 of 2016, the board of a school district or charter school must ensure that its school's social studies curriculum for grades 8 to 12 include age and grade appropriate instruction about genocide, including but not limited to the Holocaust, and other genocides. For a complete list of resources, please visit the Spring 2022 Social Studies Newsletter.


The MiSTEM Network works to empower educators and students while making stronger connections between education and business.  We are working hard to grow our statewide partnerships as well as our regional partnerships and we would like to support you.  Please see some of the latest MiSTEM news and connection information in the March newsletter and reach out to us anytime!

Regional Data Systems/Instructional Technology

REMC 22 Lend-Items Library Access

Teachers, REMC 22 has a library of classroom materials that can be checked out to support student engagement and learning... books, robots, maker materials, tools, and technology.  Contact Marianna Ripple (mripple@eupschools.org) if you have questions or if you need to set up your account.

REMC FREE Virtual Courses for May

REMC Association of Michigan offers free virtual courses for SCHECH credit every month.  Courses include Formative Assessment Tools, Design Thinking Made Practical, Multimedia Tools to Engage Students, and many more.  Need SCECHs?  REMC Free May Virtual Courses

Discovery Education

Discovery Education is a resource for classroom use that includes media, curriculum, and activities to support on-site and virtual learning.  This resource is available to most teachers and students in the region.  If you are interested in using this resource in your classroom, please contact Marianna Ripple to get you started.

Regional Data Manager Meetings

Data Managers from all regional schools are asked to participate in these meetings in order to create and communicate regional processes related to student enrollment, NWEA, technology, and reporting.  Please see Wisdomwhere to register for the meeting: 5/12/2022.

Skyward Data Manager virtual office meetings will continue Thursdays from 1:30 –2:30pm.  The link for this meeting is posted in the Skyward Implementation channel of Teams.  No registration is required.

NWEA Spring Testing

The spring testing window for NWEA begins May 2, 2022 and continues through June 10, 2022.


April 2022 Newsletter Highlights:

  • Michigan School Health Coordinators’ Association 2022 Conference: Save the date! The Michigan School Health Coordinator's Association is coming up on June 20 & 21, 2022 at the Great Wolf Lodge in Traverse City, MI. Registration for the conference is open now via Eventbrite! 31n 12 funds can cover registration costs for this conference! For more information, please visit https://www.smore.com/wm435
  • Michigan Model for Health - Beta Teacher Recruitment: The Michigan Model for Health™ Program is requesting teacher volunteers to participate in a Beta Program of its new digital curriculum platform. Participating teachers will receive access first to new features within MMH website and digital curriculum. The terms include teachers receiving a 2-year free license to the digital curriculum for each of the grade levels that they teach. During the 2-year time frame they will participate in up to two online feedback surveys conducted by the MMH Program staff. If you are interested in this opportunity, please contact Helen Craig at hcraig-isd@eupschools.org as soon as possible.


Transitioning from Early On to School-Based Special Education Services

Crucial development occurs within a child’s brain within the first five years of their life, providing the most opportunity for growth and development. A child and family will experience many transitions within those first five years, including the transition to preschool or kindergarten. Early childhood programs can help support families with some of those major transitions by implementing efficient and well-planned processes. One major transition required within the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) is when children transition from Early On services to school-based special education services. Coordination between service providers at both levels as well as the local school district is crucial to ensuring a smooth transition. Educators work together on transition planning to minimize service disruption and promote the child’s functioning in the natural or least restrictive environment. Resources regarding the process of Early Childhood Transition can be found in the Early On Michigan Family Guidebook. For specific information regarding local district procedures for supporting students entering school-based services, contact the local district special education supervisor.

April is Autism Month

While it is important to reflect on autism in April, autism acceptance is a 365-day commitment and is part of our communities and lives year-round.  This month, colleagues, friends, and community partners across the state shared their favorite books, podcasts, websites, and videos about autism.  Read more...


Do you want to attend a premier national autism and disabilities conference, OCALICONLINE 2022? How would you like it if you could attend it for free?  Now is your chance!

For two weeks only, you can register to attend OCALICONLINE 2022 for free. No strings attached, no gimmicks. You just have to register between April 18-30. Held conveniently online November 15-18, 2022, free registration includes access to both the live event and on-demand.  The conference features breakout and networking sessions by state and national leaders and experts on important topics and issues across the lifespan. Join colleagues and peers from Ohio, across the U.S., and around the world to learn, connect, and share research, best practices, and resources to support the needs of all learners and lifelong challenges and opportunities for people with disabilities...and you can have your very own FREE front row seat!

To learn more visit the OCALICON Registration Page

Special Education Newsletter – April 2022


April Playgroup 4/21 at 4:30

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