September 2020 Newsletter


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Approximately 20% of our students have opted to attend school virtually this fall rather than attend face-to-face. To keep them enrolled in their home districts during this challenging time, seven districts are collaborating to provide a regional online learning experience. As a part of this process, we would like to offer EUP teachers the opportunity to teach these courses after hours and earn additional income while developing best practices in online teaching and learning.  For more information, and to apply, please CLICK HERE.

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Welcome to the 2020-2021 school year!  I am so excited to know our students and staff are coming back to schools around the region, whether in person or through a virtual classroom.  Thank you to our administrators, teachers, and support staff for their tireless work over the summer as we maneuvered through these very strange times!

One of my favorite quotes is from General Eric Shinseki: “If you don’t like change, you’ll like irrelevance even less.”  It is fair to say that this school year will start differently than in the past.  The new protocols with masks, social distancing, sanitation, and virtual classes will make it different.  As we continue to face changes to our norms, HOW we anticipate and respond to that change can be a game-changer.  My preference is to examine change through a lens of new opportunity.  Might the change be uncomfortable?  Might a new way of doing something fail to meet our expectations?  Certainly.  But I am okay with taking a risk and trying something new.  What if it works?  What if it works magnificently?

I encourage you to approach this year with an open mindset.  Give yourself and others some grace as we experience a new and constantly changing environment.  What has not changed is that we are in this together.  Lean on your colleagues and friends for support.  Let’s have a great school year!


EUP MTSS Courses – Coming Soon!

In order to continue supporting district installation of the five essential components of a Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS), the EUPISD has developed a series of asynchronous Google Courses in which teacher/administrator teams or individuals are encouraged to enroll.  Using materials and tools from previous MTSS professional learning as well as up-to-date research and new resources, these courses are designed to help participants begin, continue, and sustain MTSS work.  Links will go live in October; watch for more info!


Fall 2020 Michigan Continuous Improvement Conference

This year’s Continuous Improvement Conference will be a one-day virtual event on Tuesday, October 20. The theme is Equity for Continuous Improvement: Opportunities, Environments, and Supports. The day will include a keynote address from Dr. Seena M. Skelton, Director of Operations for the Midwest & Plains Equity Assistance Center at Indiana University, as well as two blocks of timely and pertinent breakout sessions.  Michigan’s Integrated Continuous Improvement Process (MICIP) will also be a focus of the day, as our state transitions to a revised process in a new system.  More information about registration can be found at this conference information link.  For more information about MICIP and MICIP resources, see the MICIP web page.


EUP Regional Workshops for Cereal City Science

These workshops will be led by EUP Teacher Leaders and Steve Barry of Cereal City Science.

Cereal City K-5 Earth Science Unit Workshops – Beginning September 18, 2020

Cereal City grade 6 Earth Science Workshop – September 15, 2020

Cereal City Science Professional Learning

These additional virtual PD opportunities will be offered through Cereal City Science.

Introduction to the Cereal City Online Learning Platform – Free online PD!

Cereal City Science Unit/Kit workshops – Kit workshops that will prepare teachers to implement Cereal City in the classroom as well as virtually.  Recommended for new teachers and/or teachers who have not had professional learning for a given unit/kit.

Cereal city normally charges a cost of $60 per unit/kit workshop.  We have developed a MiSTEM partnership which will cover this workshop cost.  Information can be found at .

EUP STEM Integrated Learning Teams (ILT)

STEM ILT offers professional learning and collaborative project opportunities to teacher of various content areas including math, science, computer science, and technology.  STEM ILT sessions for the 2020-2021 school year will take place virtually with three goals in place:

  1. Professional learning
  2. Curriculum development and implementation planning
  3. Making community connections

Part of each session will consist of whole group connections and parts will consist of breakout group activities.

EUP Computer Science Curriculum Review Team

With the adoption of the Michigan Computer Science Standards, school districts now have solid guidance that can help to develop curriculum and programming that will prepare students to be successful in the rapidly changing workforce.  Half of STEM jobs will be in computing occupations, creating more than 150,000 job openings each year.  Seventy percent of those computing occupations are found outside of the information technology industry.  This means that a solid foundation in computer science will be necessary in many career pathways and that integration of computer science with other content areas will be valuable to students.

Through the STEM Integrated Learning Team and partnerships with MDE, MiSTEM, Higher Education, and regional stakeholders, we will be working to support schools with the development of Computer Science Curriculum Frameworks.  This will be an exciting opportunity for our region and will include the following:

  • The EUP Computer Science Curriculum Team is currently being assembled to function as a regional team that will collaborate in the development of Computer Science Curriculum Frameworks and programming.
  • EUP school districts will have the opportunity to work directly with MDE Computer Science Curriculum Consultants to run a district visioning workshop for Computer Science at their school.  School districts will be able to set up their one-day visioning workshops beginning on October.
  • Following school district visioning workshops, the EUP Computer Science Curriculum Team will work together in support of writing curriculum frameworks and programs.  This work will be integrated into STEM ILT meetings throughout this school year.



Tri-County Virtual Constitution Day Announced: Chief Justice to Speak

The EUPISD, the League of Women Voters, and 4H will once again partner to provide Constitution Day supports for local districts.  The ISD will host asynchronous virtual content, available to all teachers starting September 17 (Constitution Day).  This material will include a pre-recorded address from Michigan’s Chief Supreme Court Justice Bridget Mary McCormack! Chief Justice McCormack was the keynote of our event some years ago; she is both engaging and enlightening.  In addition, each Supreme Court Justice has agreed to provide a personal quote for the day.  Other materials and resources from across Michigan will round out supports.  All 6-12 teachers and administrators are invited to check the ISD’s social studies website on September 17 (and after) to engage their students in this unique opportunity.

Inquiry-Based Instruction in Social Studies PD Series

Using inquiry-based free educational resources to create dynamic social studies curriculum and instructional strategies, participants will work to increase understanding of how content-standards inquiry forms the basis of quality Social Studies instruction. Inquiry-based instruction can result in fewer classroom management issues due to increased engagement and learning; it improves 21st Century skill sets; and it promotes lifelong learning for students and teachers, alike. Due to its inquiry-driven nature, purposeful History Day updates/connections will also be made throughout the series.  Suggested Participants:  K-12 teachers of social studies; interested administrators.  Dates:  October 6, 2020; January 27, 2021.  Register in Wisdomwhere.


Leading for Literacy and the 6-12 Essentials

Designed for secondary educators in ANY discipline, this series uses the 6-12 Disciplinary Literacy Essentials (MAISA) and the Leading for Literacy framework (WestEd) to support participants as they take a deeper dive into disciplinary literacy.  Teachers will engage in inquiry cycles, applying their learning to their instruction; explore the development of communities of practice that sustain a student-centered culture of literacy; and focus on research-supported literacy instructional practices for regular use in classrooms across the content areas.  Suggested Participants:  ALL 6-12 content area instructors.  Dates:  Half-day sessions will be offered October 22, November 17, December 15, 2020, and February 16, March 23, 2021.  Register in Wisdomwhere.

Reading Recovery®, Literacy Lessons™, and Literacy Support

Intervention will look a little different, but we are moving forward with teacher professional development as well as meeting the instructional, emotional, and safety needs of our most at-risk young readers and writers. Teachers have been busy prepping at their schools while also meeting with their Teacher Leader to plan for individual needs at each school district. Administrators please feel free to reach out to Brooke Beacom,, if you have any questions or concerns about the programing needs at your school.

Coming Soon! Reading Recovery®: Top to Bottom Newsletter. This newsletter provides administrators, teachers, and community members with information focusing on implementation, research, best practices for small group and classroom instruction, as well as highlighting our local teachers, students, and schools. Administrators and Reading Recovery teachers will receive the newsletter through their emails. If you would like to be added to the email list please contact Brooke Beacom,


No Cost CATCH "Restart Smart" Resources

With generous support from the Michigan Health Endowment Fund, CATCH Global Foundation is excited to provide 200 elementary schools throughout Michigan with training, pre-recorded health lessons, and other resources to help reopen schools with Health and PE in mind.  In order to qualify, schools must have a free-and-reduced lunch (FRL) rate of at least 50% and include at least one or more grades of K-8. As an added benefit, SHAPE MI will provide a free year of membership to the first 100 teachers who attend one of the CATCH Restart Smart trainings. Resources and SHAPE MI memberships will be provided on a first come first serve basis, so don't wait to secure a spot for your school! Schools can get started enrolling here: Reach out with questions to

Workshops coming up through December 31, 2020

Be sure to check Wisdomwhere for more information and to sign up!

Regional Health and PE Educators Workshops (previously CRT)

We will be virtual all year.  These workshops include embedded professional development on health topics and other areas that effect all educators. It also is a great way to network with other health or physical education teachers. We meet five times a year.  All Meetings will be 12pm-3pm.

October 6, 2020

November 11, 2020

January 6, 2021

February 25, 2021

April 7, 2021

Michigan Model for Health(TM) K-6

*Repeated workshops.  Pick the date that works for you.  Includes asynchronous work prior to the workshop

You can choose the digitized web-based curriculum, or traditional manual with flash-drive!  Michigan Model is an evidence-based prevention and social -emotional learning curriculum.  It addresses the major youth health risk behaviors identified by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The elementary curriculum is organized by grade level and covers the following six main health topics with age-appropriate content per grade in Social emotional health, substance use prevention, safety, nutrition, physical activity, and personal health and wellness.

October 14, 2020, 8am-11am

October 20, 2020, 12pm-3pm

November 17, 2020, 12pm-3pm

Michigan Model for Health(TM) Middle School

Includes asynchronous work prior to the workshop.  You can choose the digitized web-based curriculum, or traditional manual with flash-drive!

Michigan Model is an evidence-based prevention and social -emotional learning curriculum.  It addresses the major youth health risk behaviors identified by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The elementary curriculum is organized by grade level and covers the following six main health topics with age-appropriate content per grade in Social emotional health, substance use prevention, safety, nutrition, physical activity, and personal health and wellness.

November 23, 2020, 12pm-3pm

Michigan Model for Health(TM) High School-Skills for Health and Life

Includes asynchronous work prior to the workshop.  You can choose the digitized web-based curriculum, or traditional manual with flash-drive! 

Michigan Model is an evidence-based prevention and social -emotional learning curriculum.  It addresses the major youth health risk behaviors identified by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The elementary curriculum is organized by grade level and covers the following six main health topics with age-appropriate content per grade in Social emotional health, substance use prevention, safety, nutrition, physical activity, and personal health and wellness.

November 24, 2020, 12pm-3pm

Sex Education and HIV Framework Workshop

This workshop is needed to teach HIV/AIDS and is highly recommended for those who teach sex education, including puberty.  This is not a curriculum training. It is a foundational piece prior to teaching a curriculum.  One caveat is teachers using Michigan Model for Health at grades 4 or 5, can receive their Michigan Model for Health HIV lesson once completing training, if needed.

December 15, 2020, 9am-2:30pm


Each month the special education supervisors publish a regional newsletter to support best practice in service provision and to help ensure compliance with legal requirements. In addition to the updates and reminders, the monthly newsletter features a Spotlight on an individual or group from the region who has made a significant regional impact. Check out this month's newsletter to read about a group of educators sharing the Spotlight for their dedication to regional best practices; reminders about Child Find, evaluations, and transfer students; professional learning opportunities in 2020-2021, and the PAC Award Winners from 2019-2020.

Back to School

This year is like no other. All of our students, including those with disabilities, will return to school this year carrying extra baggage. Students will exhibit increased anxiety and irritability. Our students who have a history of behavior difficulties may return with heightened or new issues in the classroom. At the same time, students who never had issues previously may have higher rates of anxiety or seem more withdrawn. Our students will require patience, empathy and a sense of connectedness. Communication and collaboration among staff will be key to ensure students do not fall through the cracks.

As teachers, social emotional learning will be the most important factor we can address this school year. We can work together to help students build skills including: Self-Awareness, Self-Management, Self-Awareness and Relationship Skills.

Mindset is so critical to student success. This Growth Mindset will shape how our students view challenges and whether they believe they can learn how to solve problems. Examples include:

We don’t need all the answers to get started

Everything is figure “out-able”

We are all on the same team

This is hard, but we can work together for solutions

Together we can do HARD things

We don’t know the full plan yet, but we will figure it out

We can learn from mistakes

Every person has value

I can learn

It is an empowering mindset that actually produces real results for all of us.


(2020, August 1). neaToday.

Brock, A., & Hundley, H. (2016). The growth mindset coach: A teachers month-by-month handbook for empowering students to achieve. Berkeley, CA: Ulysses Press.

2020 EUPISD Youth Opportunities Unlimited Work Program

The 2020 Youth Opportunities Unlimited experience was like no other. There was a delay in the start of our program due to the stay at home order. The Y.O.U. Program was able to give 17 students a 5-7 week work experience working part time learning valuable employability skills. This program is offered yearly and runs through the summer months. Students with an IEP or 504 Plan are able to participate.

A huge thank you to Brimley State Park, City of Sault Ste Marie (Voyageur Island, Lynn Trails, and Rock Park), City of St. Ignace, EUPISD, and Tahquamenon Falls State Park. Please take a look at a couple of the pictures highlighting a few of the students at work Summer Photos.

Special Education Approvals & Credentials

As we enter a new school year, the ISD sends a warm welcome to the professionals joining the EUP special education team in 2020-21. The EUPISD is tasked with maintaining a comprehensive list of special education providers, ensuring proper certification / approvals, and facilitating temporary approvals for those who are not yet fully certified. Please provide the ISD special education department information regarding new hires into the district – those who are fully certified as well as those who will be pursuing a temporary approval. We want to help make the transition into EUP Special Education as smooth as possible!

Contact: Tammy Hazley at or 906-632-3373 x5119

For complete information on the teacher approval process, visit,4615,7-140-6598_88188_40121---,00.html

Click here for the August School Social Work Newsletter!

Click here for the September School Social Work Newsletter!

Parent Advisory Committee (PAC) Announces 2019-2020 Educator of the Year Nominees and Winners

The EUPISD PAC is proud to announce our full list of PAC Educator of the Year Nominees and Award Winners.  Click here to see the list!

Supporting Positive Behavior Support through Distance Learning

The MiMTSS Technical Assistance Center (formerly known as MiBLSI) has released many high quality resources to support schools and classroom teachers during the COVID-19 Pandemic.  There are webinar series from top researchers in the  field on Effective Environments, Social Emotional Needs, High Leverage Instruction and Family Engagement.

The materials on Classroom PBIS and Check In Check Out have been adapted for distance learning.  For PBIS support, contact Stacey Miller.

Upcoming Trainings

Please visit Wisdomwhere for a full description and to register.

CPI Physical Holds

9/01 (Brimley), 9/02 (Three Lakes Academy & St. Ignace), 9/03 (Bay Mills Ojibwe Charter School & Gros Cap), 9/04 (Lake Superior Academy)

CPI Verbal De-escalation (Virtual): 9/01

Heggerty Phonological Awareness (SDI Reading) (Virtual): 9/23

New Special Education Provider Training (Virtual): 9/29

Youth Mental Health Committee (Virtual): 9/14

EUPISD Learning Center

Change in Plans

The Summer program for the 2020 school year was unable to go forward as scheduled due to some constraints with timelines and anticipated guidance from our local health departments.  Our Early Childhood Special Education preschool program is able to absorb the days originally scheduled for August into the calendar for the rest of the school year.  Packets with social stories ( with topics such as wearing a mask, going back to school and why our teachers may look different this year, were sent home to summer school families as well as additional masks to practice with their child.  These were the topics we had hoped to spend ample time on with students if they would have attended in person.

Next Steps

  • Many changes in classrooms and common spaces will take place to accommodate new requirements from our plan.
  • Teachers will individually survey families on how they would like their child to attend school this year.
  • Updated calendars will be sent home to families.
  • A parent-friendly one page document on our return to learn plan will be sent home to families.
  • Staff Professional Development on the new plans will take place.


Canon Creative Park

How about some free printable engineering activities for your classroom?  Or maybe you have students interested in building things.  Take a look at these printable paper toys from Canon.  These can be one-time activities, explorations for home, or part of an ongoing project.  Need some management tips or guidance?  Contact

REMC 22 Lending Library

Take a moment to peruse the classroom materials and technology available for check-out through the REMC 22 Lend-Items lending library.  Are you a new teacher?  Contact REMC 22 to set up your library account.  REMC 22 has also acquired a ring binding machine in addition to poster printing and laminating services. Contact for more information about REMC22 Lend-Items accounts/access or special services or call 906-632-3373, x5675.

NWEA Assessments

Fall rostering is ready for most sites, and the fall testing window is open until October 2, 2020.

Technology in Education

Are you struggling to find time to introduce new tools for learning?  Try incorporating student-driven exploration of technology tools during the first weeks of school.  Want more information?  Contact for more information and support.


Blackboard Updates

On July 26, Blackboard rolled out a newly designed Site Manager. At first glance it may seem quite different, but in fact, nearly everything is exactly where you found it in the previous interface. Channels and Sections are listed on the left, Pages in the center, and Tools on the right. The biggest change, other than the color scheme, is that you can now drag-and-drop Apps onto a page and see their content just as it will display on the page. You will have a much better feel for how your page will look with this new functionality.

In addition to the updated Site Manager, several new Apps were introduced. The Content Accordion and Tabbed Content apps are great ways to display large chunks of information without causing a lot of scrolling down the page.

If you need help navigating these updates, or if you would like any other assistance with your district website, contact REMC22 at 906-632-3373 x5675 or email


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