January 2020 Newsletter

School News

Happy New Year and welcome to 2020! I hope each of you had a relaxing and enjoyable break. Hopefully all of you have power restored.  As we return to our normal routines, I hope you are energized to bring your best to your students every day.

As I prepared for my new role as the EUPISD superintendent, I encountered many who questioned what an intermediate school district is or its function.  Every local school district is part of an ISD.  The EUPISD provides services and supports for the 19 districts in our 4,000 square mile region.  These services include curriculum, business, technology, special education, early childhood, career and technical education, and professional development.  Our ISD is well-known around the state for being extremely collaborative to support the students of our region.  Ultimately, we want our students to achieve personal success and become responsible, productive citizens.

What do I bring to this ISD?  I have 26 years of educational experience, having served as a business manager, elementary and high school principal, and local superintendent. I’ve also served as a food service director, transportation supervisor, and facilities director.  I am a staunch advocate for the students and schools in the EUP and will represent our schools and the UP at the state level.  I have a strong belief that the key to our success is building relationships with our students and each other.  My goal is to continue the collaborative work that has occurred and find new opportunities to provide greater support and services to you for our students’ success.  I look forward to working with you to further opportunities for the students of our region.  Cheers to 2020!


Welcome 2020! Many schools have requested information around the SRSS.  Please see the training opportunity below that is being offered at EUPISD. Please take advantage of this training opportunity while it is offered without additional travel. Please read our EUPMTSS Newsletter for information around Tier 2 Intervention Systems. Also included below is useful information about the MiMTSS data system (formerly known as MIDATA), and an update from the EUP MTSS Literacy Professional Series.

EUPMTSS Newsletter Link

MIBLSI Student Risk Screening Scale Internalizing and Externalizing (SRSS-IE) Coordinator Training – February 6, 2020, 9am-3:30pm Remote Location @ EUPISD

Deadline to register is January 16  Registration Link

The Student Risk Screening Scale Internalizing and Externalizing (SRSS-IE) is a universal screening tool used three times a year to identify students who are at risk for challenging behaviors. Educators use the data to design supports needed for students to be academically successful in school. This screening tool consists of eleven (secondary) to twelve (elementary) items that teachers use to rate their classroom of students based on the teacher’s current knowledge with clear evidence of each individual student’s behavior.

Prerequisite:  Participants are required to view a brief video related to the Student Risk Screening Scale Internalizing and Externalizing (SRSS-IE) prior to attending the in-person training. The video is designed to provide participants with foundational knowledge and information related to the SRSS-IE as a universal screening measure. Please view the video prior to 2/6/20 and take the survey after viewing the video. Link to Video   Link to Survey

Target Audience:  Individuals interested in becoming Student Risk Screening Scale Internalizing and Externalizing (SRSS-IE) Coordinators

For further questions, please contact rstark1@eupschools.org or dgough@eupschools.org

MiMTSS Data System News Update

Upcoming changes to SRSS data entry and reporting:

The Student Risk Screening Scale-Internalizing and Externalizing (SRSS-IE) is a brief universal screening tool consisting of 12 items that teachers use to rate student behavior three times per school year. Starting in April 2020, changes will be implemented to SRSS-IE data entry and dashboard displays in the MiMTSS Data System. Currently, schools enter the number of students in each grade who scored in the low, moderate and high-risk categories on the Internalizing and Externalizing scales.

This structure for data entry and reporting are resulting in a loss of precision as school teams try to use the data to identify overall levels of student risk in the school. Beginning in April, schools will enter the number of students at each grade level with each possible score configuration. This will allow schools to more precisely see patterns of student performance on both scales of the SRSS-IE. Example:

Detailed Classroom Summary Numbers

MIBLSI is sharing this information now so that schools and districts can start preparing to summarize SRSS-IE data differently starting in the Spring. The SRSS-IE spreadsheet templates on the MIBLSI website currently provide these data summary tables.

EUP Literacy Training Update

To ensure continuity of Tier 2 and 3 installation, the sequence of offerings within the MTSS Literacy Systems series has been adjusted as follows:

Day 3:  January 27, 2020 - Tiers 2 and 3 Content (cont.) - specific teams attend

Day 4:  February 18, 2020 - Strengthening Lit. Systems - all teams attend

>Day 5:  March 24, 2020 - Strengthening Lit. Systems - all teams attend

(Note that original Day 3 and Day 4 content have been switched.)

Please see the updated flyer for more detailed information, and feel free to contact your MTSS coach or any Literacy Systems trainer with questions.

General Education

Upcoming Trainings: Please visit Wisdomwhere for a list of offerings.

EUP Regional History Day is Friday, March 13, 2020 at LSSU. Deadline for online registrations is February 16. Please complete the Local History Day Date and Grade Level sheet, so we can plan accordingly for Regionals. When choosing your local history day date, please keep in mind that online registrations must be submitted by February 16. For all pertinent information, please go to our website - EUP Regional History Day.


Thank you to everyone who participated in Science and Engineering Fair this year!


Would you like to host a Family Engineering Night at your school?

Family Engineering Night programs consist of hands-on stations that students can engage in along with their family.  Students learn about engineering and how it relates to their lives while having fun at the same time.  In the past, students from pre-school to 8th grade have participated, and some districts also had some high school students help with the event.  This is a really nice time for high school teachers and students to demonstrate what they are doing in their classrooms, and we have had a number of FIRST robotics teams show off their robots at the events.  We also encourage schools to reach out the engineering and other STEM professionals who can talk to the students about how they use STEM in their careers.  Two Family Engineering kits are available for checkout in the REMC 22 Lend-Items Library.  Keep in mind that the two kits are slightly different in terms of the activities that they include, so pay careful attention when making your reservation.  In addition to the kits, the Lend-Items Library also has robots and 3-D printers that schools have used within their Family Engineering Night programs. To schedule a Family Engineering Night at your school, please contact Kevin St. Onge (kevins@eupschools.org) or Marianna Ripple (mripple@eupschools.org).

Upcoming Student Events:

Pi Day at LSSU will take place on March 17, 2020 at the Walker Cisler Center on the Campus of Lake Superior State University.  Students in middle school and high school will have the opportunity to compete in a team math competition.  There are both middle school and high school divisions, and teachers will be invited to register teams of five students. Please see the Flyer and Registration Link for more information.

First Robotics kickoff in the EUP was held at LSSU on January 4, 2020.

Upper Peninsula Underwater Innovative Vehicle Competition - See brochure for details.

Professional Learning:

STEM Integrated Learning Teams (ILT) - Day 3 of our 5-day series will take place on Thursday, January 23 for Math, Science, and STEM Teachers!  Work collaboratively with other teachers to learn and increase capacity around Modeling in math and science, connecting with STEM resources in the community, and innovative STEM programming.  Modeling in Michigan facilitator and teacher Don Pata led us through a great day of learning how to use the practice of developing and using mathematical and scientific models in our classrooms and will be back up to work with us on day 3!

Next Generation Science Exemplar - Day 5 of NGSX will be held on January 23 at the EUPISD.  We have been working to align our instructional practices to the Next Generation Science Standards and are fortunate to be learning from Beth Christensen of LSSU’s Center for Freshwater Research and Education who is also a Michigan NGSX facilitator!

Special Education

Click HERE to read the Special Education January 2020 Newsletter!

Click HERE to read the Project SEARCH January 2020 Newsletter!

Click HERE to read the 31N Grant Update January 2020 Newsletter!

Seclusion and Restraint Memorandum

The Michigan Department of Education released a reminder of the MSDS reporting requirements for seclusion and restraint.  Included in the memo are links to the Frequently Asked Questions and Policy for the Emergency Use of Seclusion and Restraint.  The documents are excellent resources.  If you have any questions please contact Stacey Miller.  staceym@eupschools.org 

Upcoming Trainings: Please visit Wisdomwhere for a list of offerings broken down by month.

Regional Data Systems/Instructional Technology

REMC 22 Classroom Lending Library

Get the materials you need for classroom learning.  Consider special learning events on the days before Christmas break using materials in this library.  Robots, Green Screen, Tools, Science, Engineering, Geology, Mathematics, 3D Printing, and many other materials are available for check-out.  Take a look at the library, and if you need an account, contact REMC22@eupschools.org.

Data Management Team Meeting

There is a Data Management Team meeting Friday, January 10 at the EUPISD.  Please register in Wisdomwhere.

NWEA Testing Window

The MAP Growth testing window will be open starting January 2, 2019.

Scheduled testing:  January 2-24

Make-up testing:  January 27-31

Human Resources

SCECH Reminder

SCECH Participant Verification forms are due at the end of the 1st semester for the following:

  • Supervising/Cooperating Teacher
  • Supervising School Counselor
  • Supervising School Psychologist
  • Mentor Teacher/School Counselor/School Psychologist (1st Semester – must be submitted now)

Click here to access the Participant Verification Forms.  Signed, original forms should be sent to Jill Coates, SCECH Coordinator, no later than 30 days after the end date of the activity.

Estate Planning Seminar

We have a retirement related topic, Estate Planning, coming up in early January. This is a good thing to do prior to retirement and then review it once you do retire. This session is free and spouses or other family members are also encouraged to attend.

Thursday, January 9 - Estate Planning Seminar - A Basic Part of Life and Retirement Planning - 5:30 p.m. in the EUPISD Conference Room A (the session lasts approximately an hour followed a short question period.)

This seminar presented by Michael Veum is for staff interested in learning about the basics of estate planning and the options that are available. Discover which plan is right for you and your family. This seminar is available to all school employees in the EUP.

You should attend if:

  • You want to learn what estate planning is and how to go about it
  • You want to learn how the current laws affect your existing estate plan
  • You wish to learn more about probate and how to avoid it

Topics include:

  • What is estate planning?
  • Will or trust? What is right for you?
  • How estates are taxed
  • Why adding children’s names to a deed as a means to avoid probate may be a big mistake
  • Planning for incapacity
  • Planning for children with special needs
  • Estate planning for blended families

Cost: FREE - spouses or other family members are also encouraged to attend.

To be sure there are adequate handouts, please RSVP no later than January 8, 2020 to Steve Gordon at 906-440-5848 or sgordon@eupschools.org

We will also be scheduling a couple more retirement planning meetings in the coming months, details to follow.

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