June 2019 Newsletter

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I can hear the groaning already just from your reading the title.  Please read on anyway.

Much has been discussed and written regarding accountability in the world of public education.  College and career readiness, read by third grade, growth measures, state-mandated evaluation tools, Kindergarten readiness, M-STEP, ACT, MAP, NWEA…the list goes on.  One of the many problems with this approach is that accountability measures are being forced upon public education with various motivations, most of which are aimed at finger pointing, and don’t help us improve student outcomes.  The everchanging goalpost location has become a bureaucratic hassle to be endured.

The perceived need for public accountability is centered in a lack of trust in the professionals actually working to teach students.  The investment of public tax dollars begs the ability to show returns.  This is understandable, but the approach is wrong.  The use of student assessments and teacher evaluations, neither of which were designed to be used in this way, has created distrust of public education, distrust of government, and a deterioration of the profession.  Recent studies have shown the very low percentage of practicing educators who would recommend the profession to young people.  This year’s group of EUP Principal Award winners included only two students who plan to pursue teaching as a profession.  We have a problem.

It is graduation season in the EUP.  Are EACH of those students ready for what’s next?  Everyone likes to share in the success stories and can point to how that superstar student was touched by all of the personnel at some point in her school career.  What about the student who didn’t set the world on fire?  What about the student who just squeaked by?  Can the same be said about the involvement of all of us?  How did we contribute?  This is the accountability that is most meaningful, and it requires only your personal reflection.

I hope you have a very relaxing summer and take time to reflect on your own personal and professional accountability.  What can you do to improve your practice?  If you are interested in learning over the summer, EUPISD is open every day and we have a very full professional development calendar with something for everyone located at www.eupschools.org.


The school year is coming to an end! This is the perfect time to celebrate your success over the year and plan for the upcoming school year. Remember to look to your data when planning your supports for students and staff. Consider new staff, transitioning staff, and the needs they might have, in relation to your PBIS program.  How will staff know what is expected of them (i.e., trainings, staff handbook, PBIS schedule)? How will staff be notified of PBIS events? Check out the EUPMTSS Newsletter for ideas and information about MTSS trainings. EUPMTSS Newsletter

General Education

Reading Recovery®, Literacy Lessons™, & Literacy Support

2019-2020 Training Class through Oakland University

We will be holding a training class for next year & there is still room if you are interested in the training.

Administrators: Contact Brooke Beacom, brookeb@eupschools.org, as soon as possible about training your teacher(s) for next year.

Teachers: If you are interested, please contact your administrator so we can all discuss the possibility for training next school year.

Literacy 2019-2020 Trainings

Two-day Running Records Training

This training is for K-5 classroom teachers, Special Education teachers, Administrators, Paraprofessionals. Day one: Teachers will learn the conventions and standard process for taking a running record and how to score it. Day two: Teachers will start to learn how to analyze running records in order to help them make responsive instructional decisions.

Literacy Collaboration Teams

Teachers will collaborate and learn about the reading process and continuum, text complexities within text levels, observing for literacy behaviors to guide their instructional practices with students.

  • Three-day training
  • Limited space available
  • Must have completed the two-day Running Records Training within the past couple years
  • Two Cohorts: 1st-3rd Grade Span & 4th-5th Grade Span
  • Target Participants: classroom teachers, special education teachers, administration, interventionist

Training/Meeting Dates

Below is a list of trainings/meetings for June, July, and August.  Please click the link for more information and to register. For a complete listing, please visit Wisdomwhere.


Cereal City Middle School Science Workshops

Classroom Maker Training by Marianna Ripple

Echoes and Reflections: Fostering Student Empathy and Taking Action

EPA Webinar - Safe Chemical Handling and Management

Illuminate Office Hours

Reading Recovery/Literacy Lessons/Literacy Support Training Class

Social Studies Teacher Leader Corps-Summer

Teacher Leader Corps (TLC): Battle Creek Train the Trainer Workshops for Elementary Physical Science


3-D Printing and Family Engineering Facilitator Work Day

Add+VantageMR Course 1 & 2

Classroom Maker Training by Marianna Ripple

EUP STEM Region Teacher Externship Program

Illuminate Office Hours

World Language CRT (WLCRT)


Illuminate Office Hours

Math Recovery Intervention Specialist (MRIS)

Observation Survey of Early Literacy Achievement Training

Tri-County Administrators Meetings

Fall Conference is August 26!  Information to come soon!

Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child (WSCC)

Michigan Model for Health(™) has gone through a K-12 revision, infusing our Opioid Misuse Prevention lessons.  This will lead to more currently trained teachers (2014 to present) needing inserts and a new flash drive. For those teachers, please save your binder tabs and materials kit.  Less recently trained teachers (approximately 2013 or before) will need training, a new manual, flash drive, and, in some cases, a materials kit (depending on if you are new to MMH and the previous teacher did not have a materials kit).  More recently trained teachers are encouraged to come to training as well.  New teachers to a classroom of a previously trained teacher will just need the inserts and flash drive. You should have the manual and materials kit already. You may need or want to come to training as well.  These will be ready to go in September.  Principals, please be on the lookout for a survey coming soon assessing your school needs.  Please contact Lisa Jo Gagliardi, x5132 or lisajo@eupschools.org.

Your Regional School Health Coordinator has been working with MDE after a very successful 101-A Silent Crisis: Creating Safe and Supportive Schools for LGBTQ students which was well attended (with a lot of administrators, thank you!) and took place at the EUPISD this past spring.  Evaluations had extremely high marks, and the workshop was extremely well received.  By working with the MDE, we were able to bring a $4,500 value workshop to our districts for free.   As we have had such great interest, your Regional School Health Coordinator is working to host another 101-A Silent Crisis at COPESD in Indian River in November.  All EUP districts that missed the 101 or want to send others are welcome.  We are shooting for 50 participants.  There may be a small registration fee for the binders and/or food.  In addition, we are looking to host 201-A Silent Crisis: Planning for Action here at EUP!  We are working to keep these upcoming training free to low cost for districts.

Side note:  Kudos to Engadine for supporting Principal, Josh Reed, and K-12 Health and PE Teacher, Leah Troyer, to attend a 201 workshop at Kent ISD in May.  This has them positioned to attend the three-day Training of Leaders Workshop for A Silent Crisis in August in Ann Arbor.  Regional School Health Coordinator, Lisa Jo Gagliardi, will be attending with them.  If you have questions about A Silent Crisis or serving LGBTQ students in general, please contact Lisa Jo at 632-3373 x5132 or lisajo@eupschools.org.

Next year, Continuous Improvement and the WSCC model will be joining forces.  Stay tuned for the planned series.

Tentatively, the evening of October 19 and the day of October 20 will be a Mindfulness Retreat. This will be offered for teams made up of at least one leader and 2-3 staff (lead teachers, lead support staff) from districts.  We are working with MEMSPA to bring this to our region and hope to get 35-40 participants. Leaders, expect a flyer and more details next week!

If you are looking for professional learning for your school around Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child; SEL Learning Competencies, from explicit instruction to implicit design; or ACEs (Adverse Childhood Experiences) trauma and resilience, contact Lisa Jo, x5132 or lisajo@eupschools.org

How’s the health of your Sex Ed and HIV programming? Is your Sex Ed Advisory Board meeting regularly? Is your curriculum well defined, and research-based?  Just need to revamp or restart?  Summer can be a great time to sit down and action-plan for the coming year.  If you would like a consultation, contact Lisa Jo.

Check the PD calendar regularly for Michigan Model for Health and Sex Ed/HIV workshops next year.

Happy, healthy summer!

EUP STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math

Upcoming Student Opportunities:

Manufacturing Day 2019 T-Shirt Design Contest

Lake Superior State University will host a Manufacturing Day event for grade 9 students on October 18.  Michigan Works! Is sponsoring a T-Shirt Design Contest leading up to the event!  Please see the T - Shirt Design Contest Flyer to learn about how student artists in grades 9-12 can enter their design.

Inland Seas Schoolship Program in the EUP STEM Region on July 1

The Inland Seas Schoolship will be back again in Hessel this year on July 1 for the Next Gen Schoolship program to promote stewardship of the Great Lakes through hands-on education.  Two programs will run on July 1.  Registration information can be found on the EUP STEM Region Webpage.

LSSU Summer STEM Camps (Superior Edventures)

Lake Superior State University Superior Edventures camps will include Aquatic Ecology and Fisheries Science, Criminal Justice/Homeland Security/Fire Science, Biomedical Science and Nursing, Forensic Science, Creative Writing, and Careers in Natural Resources and Science!

Math and Computer Science Field Day at LSSU on October 14

Teachers and students mark your calendars on October 14 for Math and Computer Science Field Day!  More information can be found in the link or by contacting Dr. Robert Kipka (rkipka@lssu.edu).

Upcoming Summer Educator Opportunities:

Add+VantageMR® Course 1 & 2 Series

Add+VantageMR® Course 1 provides dynamic, diagnostic assessments and learning trajectories for number words and numerals, structuring numbers, and addition and subtraction strategies.  The course is designed to assist educators in diagnosing and advancing student understanding in foundational number topics critical to student success.

Add+VantageMR®  Course 2 provides dynamic, diagnostic assessments and learning trajectories for multiplication and division strategies and place value understanding.  The course is designed to extend what participants learned in Add+VantageMR® Course 1.  Add+VantageMR® Course 2 assists educators in using diagnostic assessments to design and implement instruction targeting the development of student knowledge, skills and strategies for place value, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Please see the Add+VantageMR Flyer to learn more about this opportunity.

EUP STEM Region Summer Externships for Teachers

Teacher externships are an outstanding way to connect your classroom to real world experiences by collaborating with business and industry partners!  Please see the Teacher Externship FLYER to learn about the opportunity for teachers to participate in summer externships in the EUP STEM Region!

Upcoming Computer Science opportunities for K-12 Teachers!

The MiSTEM Network and Code.org are continuing to provide professional learning opportunities for K-12 teachers.  This is a great way to increase computer science opportunities for your students!  See more details about summer opportunities HERE.

Elementary Computer Science Fundamentals at EUPISD on August 14 Scroll down to find this event to be held on August 14.  This workshop was outstanding last year, and we are moving forward again this year.  Participants who participated last year are welcome to attend this year as well.

Integrate Computation into your High School Classroom!

Integrating Computation in Science Across the Mitten (ICSAM) is an NSF-funded initiative for high school teachers who wish to integrate computation into their physics classrooms.  This opportunity was presented at the Michigan Science Teachers Association conference in Grand Rapids and will include a stipend, travel, and lodging for participants!  Please see details and application information HERE.

Building Underwater Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROV) Workshop

3-D Printing and Family Engineering Facilitator Work Day

Participants will experience the activities associated with the Family Engineering Kits available through the REMC 22 Lending Library along with the "how to" of running a Family Engineering event. Additional enhancement activities will be introduced, and participants will have the option to gain experience using the 3-D printer as an additional activity.  These programs can be used for integration into STEM curriculum as well as for after school community events.

2019-2020 School Year Professional Learning Opportunities and Registration

Foundations of Math: Teaching Students with Significant Disabilities

Next Generation Science Exemplar (NGSX) 5-day Learning Series

Cereal City Science Professional Learning:

STEM Integrated Learning Team (ILT) 5-day Learning Series

Transportation and Civil Engineering (TRAC) Training (may be combined within the STEM ILT series)

Special Education

Click the link to read about our graduates! EUPISD Learning Center Senior Send-Off

The EUPISD Special Education Department would like to express sincere gratitude to our staff who are leaving at the end of the school year.  Thank you for your dedicated services to students, parents, and staff.  You will be greatly missed!

Kate Ludlow - School Social Worker

Kate Ludlow

Kate is retiring after 28 years with the EUPISD as a School Social Worker.

“Kate Ludlow relates to students, parents, and teachers at a genuine level.  Customer satisfaction is a concept discussed often in the business world, but it is one to describe what parents feel about the services provided by Kate Ludlow.  This is more than a job for Kate – this is a passion of love.  She works with the most needy youth in our district and makes them feel safe and secure.  She has an upbeat attitude and always provides a positive orientation toward solving issues.” - Don Gustafson





Rebekah “Becky” Meyers - Special Education Teacher/Teacher Consultant

Becky Meyers

Becky is retiring after 8 years with the EUPISD.

“Becky has made a career of service to children with special needs.  After working as a K-12 Resource Room teacher, she began work with the ISD in the summer of 2011.  She worked as an Early On Childhood Services Provider and worked directly with families of children who have developmental delays.  In her final year with the ISD, Becky moved to a Teacher Consultant position in Special Education and served students at OCS and CCSS.  Her positive attitude and optimistic outlook was an inspiration to both students and staff.  Always sharing a kind word or hopeful statement, Becky’s dedication to the position was evident every day of her career.” - Tammy Hazley




Raquel Fernandez-Earns - School Psychologist

Raquel Fernandez-Earns

Raquel is retiring after 6 years with the EUPISD.

“Raquel has been a valued, respected, kind, and caring coworker.  She was on the forefront of many ISD projects including helping to kickoff concussion baseline and rewriting ISD Special Education eligibility criteria.  She was the expert for all things mental health.  Her expertise helped pave the way for threat and risk assessment and her wealth of knowledge on trauma was spread throughout the EUP.  Most importantly, Raquel cared about what she did and she was amazing at it!  Her kindness and comical personality would light up any room.  She will be greatly missed and the psychs are devastated to see her go.” - Samantha Vinson




Stacey Mathieu - School Psychologist Intern

Stacey Mathieu

Stacey was the EUPISD School Psychologist Intern for the 2018-2019 school year.

Stacey helped develop trauma-related resources for youth in our region and was described by Area Coordinators as a confident, poised, professional with excellent communication skills. She has accepted a position for next year at Zeeland Public Schools in the Grand Rapids area.  Stacey was appreciated by many for her incredible work ethic, eagerness to learn, strong problem-solving abilities, helpful nature and the thorough, high-quality work she produced.  We know she will be very successful in the next chapter of her career and make a positive impact on the lives of the children she serves!



Early Childhood

GSRP Enrollment

Great Start Readiness Program (GSRP) applications for school year 2019-20 are currently being accepted. GSRP is available for income eligible four-year olds in the following areas: Curtis (Three Lakes), Engadine, Newberry, Pickford, Rudyard, Sault Ste. Marie, and St. Ignace. To apply, please click here: Preschool Application

Substance Use Disorder Workgroup

Early On staff convened various agencies working with children and families in Chippewa, Luce, and Mackinac counties and established a professional committee in January 2018 that focuses on supporting families and children that are affected by substance use. Participating agencies include War Memorial Hospital, Sault Women's Health, CLMCAA, Chippewa County Health Dept, DHHS, Sault Tribe, Great Lakes Recovery, Anishinaabek Children Family Services, and Families Against Narcotics.

The idea for the committee arose after attending the 2017 UP Substance Use Disorder Conference. Representatives from various community agencies realized they had a mutual commitment toward reducing the amount of prenatally exposed children in our region and wanted to work toward creating a seamless system of referrals and supports for families affected by substance use.

The biggest project to date has been the creation of educational substance use posters that were researched, created, and designed by this workgroup. Accompanying brochures were purchased from NTI Upstream (a multimedia production and publishing company dedicated to advancing the conversation about the issues of health and social welfare). The work group is distributing the posters and brochures to multiple community agencies to allow for community education. The group targeted drug use in pregnancy on the posters because most of the agencies that are participating on the committee are involved in caring for mothers and/or families with young children. The project funding is a collective effort between participating agencies. 

Regional Data Systems/Instructional Technology

New Teaching Staff?

Be sure to alert the technology staff when you have new staff or staff members who have previously worked at another regional school; new staff will need access to all regional systems.  If new teaching staff will need support using Illuminate, see the announcement for Illuminate Office Hours below.

Illuminate Summer Office Hours

If you would like extra help learning, using, and maximizing the power of Illuminate, consider participating in Illuminate Office Hours offered this summer.  These dates offer personalized help with Illuminate in a supported environment.  Office staff, counselors, administration, and teachers are all welcome to attend.  Please register in Wisdomwhere for this event as spaces are limited; available dates are June 25, July 23, and August 16.

REMC 22 Classroom Maker Trainings Summer 2019

Want to find out what you can do with the Maker philosophy and materials in your classroom?  Join us for one of two dates this summer: June 24 or July 22.  Training will provide experience with materials, reservation process, and classroom integration.  Past participants are welcome.  Training will be from 9-3 each day with lunch included.  Please register in Wisdomwhere.

REMC 22 Lend-Items Library

Remember that REMC 22 (EUPISD) has a library of classroom materials that can be reserved and checked out over the summer as well.  Feel free to explore these materials for use during the 2020 academic year.  If you need account access to the library, please contact Marianna Ripple or Genny Kaunisto.

Other REMC 22 Services: https://www.eupschools.org/page/3124

Technical Services

Tech Tips

Did you know that we post tips for you on the EUPISD website?  Look at the www.eupschools.org website in the menu Community Partnerships for the Technical Services link. Our friendly URL is www.eupschools.org/techtips. New tips will be added every week, so check in with us often!


Ever wish you could move your bookmarks/favorites from one computer to another? Perhaps your bookmarks are on a laptop, but you want them on your desktop. Or, your laptop is getting old and you are worried it may die before a new one is ordered. The process of exporting your bookmarks is quite simple as is the process of importing them back in to a different computer.

We have quick video tutorials - less than two minutes - in the Tech Tips section of our website. You’ll be surprised how easy it is!

Summer Projects

  • Computer Renaming As part of our regional cyber-security and management initiatives, technicians will rename all Windows computers to a standard-name schema over the summer The naming schema gives us network visibility, asset management, computer object management, and ease of configurations and software deployments.. Technicians are coordinating with building administrators to establish a least-disruptive time to accomplish this project. Check with your administrator to see when you can expect computer renaming to occur in your district.
  • H-Drive to OneDrive The time has come to retire the H-Drive and move files to cloud storage in OneDrive. Regional staff and students have OneDrive storage as part of their Office 365 license. Microsoft has excellent videos demonstrating how to move your files to OneDrive, and each is only about 1.5 minutes long. We have quick video tutorials - less than two minutes - in the Tech Tips section of our website. Our technicians are happy to work with you on this process. Contact us at the Help Desk at 906-632-5673 or helpdesk@eupschools.org.
  • Inventory and Recycling Technicians will be out in each building in the region to perform visual inventory and update the technical assets database. If you have end-of-life or end-of-serviceability equipment, we may be able to remove it for recycling. Check with your building administrator first for authorization, then contact the Help Desk at 906-632-5673 or helpdesk@eupschools.org to let us know the details for pick-up.

Michigan Moonshot

The project is underway! The EUPISD is collaborating with Michigan State University (MSU) and Merit to evaluate broadband availability and deficiencies throughout the entire tri-county region.

Teachers will receive a video to show in class, along with packets for each student. Student packets include an instruction sheet which they will use in class and at home, a short survey which will be sent to MSU, and a student key which will be sent to Merit. Once at home, the student will take another short (optional) online survey, and perform a speed-test of their internet connection.

All data will be returned to EUPSID for import to Illuminate for administrators to examine whether a correlation exists between access to broadband and student achievement. Follow this project on Twitter with hashtags #EUPConnect #EUPSchools #MichiganMoonshot.

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