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Last Chance

The end is coming!  What if an asteroid was on a collision course with Earth and there was no Bruce Willis character available to launch into space to alter its course and save humanity as in the ARMAGEDDON movie?  Would it be better to be aware of the impending end or would it be better to go about daily life in blissful ignorance?  What would you do?  Who would you contact?  Why wait until the end?  Do it now!

In schools, we know the end is in early or mid-June each year.  What do you still need to do with your students to make it a successful year?  This is your last chance to positively impact your students’ lives and education.  For most students, someone else will have that chance in September.  For other students, they literally have weeks left in their school careers.  What is the unfinished business you need to complete?  Have you done everything in your power for EACH of your students or have you left something or someone out?

Everyone needs inspiration and encouragement.  What can you do in these last few weeks of the school year to inspire your students to do their best, read over the summer, or ignite big thinking?  Some of our kids just need a kind word or some individual encouragement to really take off.  There are countless stories of successful people who credit a teacher for helping them see their own path forward.  Who in your classroom right now needs inspiration?  For many, a trusted adult can simply say, “You know what, you are really good at that.”  Don’t assume they know it already.  Say it.  Let them know you care…even when it is hard to do so.

None of us is guaranteed a tomorrow.  Act now!


Data is an important tool which educators can use to improve their schools.  If you need a more structured way to look at your schools’ data (i.e. academic, behavior, perception data, etc.) check out the EUPMTSS Newsletter for a helpful protocol that many schools use to review their data and make action plans.

EUPMTSS Newsletter

General Education

Training/Meeting Dates

Below is a list of trainings/meetings for May.  Please click the link for more information and to register.  (If lunch is provided as part of a training, you must register at least 24 hours in advance to be included in the lunch count).  For a complete listing for the school year, please visit Wisdomwhere.

EUPEPA Meeting

EUPSSPA-EUP Secondary Principals Association

Reading Recovery/Literacy Lessons/Literacy Support Re-Certification PD

Reading Recovery/Literacy Lessons/Literacy Support Training Class

Regional Data Management Team Meetings

Strengthening Systems - School Leadership Teams-School & District Improvement (SIT) & (DIT)
Tri-County Administrators Meetings

EUPISD Reading Recovery® Site

Now Is The Time ~

Administrators & Teachers: If you are considering or wanting information about training teachers in Reading Recovery, Literacy Lessons, or Literacy Support for the 2019-20 school year, please contact Brooke Beacom at Regionally, if we have eight or more interested teachers to take the course, we will have a cohort for the Oakland University class for the upcoming year.

There will be an opportunity for administrators and interested teachers to learn more about Reading Recovery, Literacy Lessons, & Literacy Support on Tuesday May 14th. If you are interested in attending please contact Brooke Beacom at no later than Tuesday, May 7.

Reading Recovery: Top to Bottom - April Newsletter

This is the last issue of the 2018-19 quarterly newsletter. We hope you found the information to be useful and informative. It was created to share implementation practices, provide practices and connections to the classroom, help show schoolwide benefits, and highlight stories from our EUPISD Reading Recovery Site, as well as our southern neighbor - JCISD Reading Recovery Site.

Read By Grade Three

The Michigan Department of Education (MDE) has put out the Read By Grade Three Guide that addresses frequently asked questions to the Read By Grade Three law and provides some guidance. In this document you can find some family engagement ideas for communication and involvement, such as the following:

EUP STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math

Upcoming Student Opportunities:

Inland Seas Schoolship Program

The Inland Seas Schoolship will be back again in Hessel this year on July 1 for the Next Gen Schoolship program to promote stewardship of the Great Lakes through hands-on education.  Two programs will run on July 1.  Registration information can be found on the EUP STEM Region Webpage.

LSSU Summer STEM Camps

Upcoming Summer Educator Opportunities:

Add+VantageMR® Course 1 & 2 Series

Add+VantageMR® Course 1 provides dynamic, diagnostic assessments and learning trajectories for number words and numerals, structuring numbers, and addition and subtraction strategies.  The course is designed to assist educators in diagnosing and advancing student understanding in foundational number topics critical to student success.

Add+VantageMR®  Course 2 provides dynamic, diagnostic assessments and learning trajectories for multiplication and division strategies and place value understanding.  The course is designed to extend what participants learned in Add+VantageMR® Course 1.  Add+VantageMR® Course 2 assists educators in using diagnostic assessments to design and implement instruction targeting the development of student knowledge, skills and strategies for place value, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Please see the Add+VantageMR Flyer to learn more about this opportunity.

EUP STEM Region Summer Externships for Teachers

Teacher externships are an outstanding way to connect your classroom to real world experiences by collaborating with business and industry partners!  Please see the Teacher Externship FLYER to learn about the opportunity for teachers to participate in summer externships in the EUP STEM Region!

Upcoming Computer Science opportunities for K-12 Teachers!

The MiSTEM Network and are continuing to provide professional learning opportunities for K-12 teachers.  This is a great way to increase computer science opportunities for your students!  See more details about summer opportunities HERE.

Elementary Computer Science Fundamentals at EUPISD on August 14

Scroll down to find this event to be held on August 14.  This workshop was outstanding last year, and we are moving forward again this year.  Participants who participated last year are welcome to attend this year as well.

Integrate Computation into your High School Classroom!

Integrating Computation in Science Across the Mitten (ICSAM) is an NSF-funded initiative for high school teachers who wish to integrate computation into their physics classrooms.  This opportunity was presented at the Michigan Science Teachers Association conference in Grand Rapids and will include a stipend, travel, and lodging for participants!  Please see details and application information HERE.

Building Underwater Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROV) Workshop

3D Printing and Family Engineering Facilitator Work Day- July 24, 2019

Participants will have the opportunity to learn how to use the Family Engineering Kits at their school.  Kits are available through REMC.  Even for those who have attended a previous family engineering workshop, additional activities will be explored to enhance experiences offered to students and families through this program.  Registration information coming soon.

2019-2020 School Year Professional Learning Opportunities and Registration

Foundations of Math: Teaching Students with Significant Disabilities

Next Generation Science Exemplar (NGSX) 5-day Learning Series

Cereal City Science Professional Learning:

STEM Integrated Learning Team (ILT) 5-day Learning Series

Transportation and Civil Engineering (TRAC) Training (may be combined within the STEM ILT series)

Special Education

Click HERE to read the Project SEARCH News - 7th Edition!

Click HERE to read the Special Education May Newsletter!

Medicaid School Based Services Program-New for 2019-2020

Starting with the 2019-20 school year, any district that is not compliant for either the first audit or the second audit will lose 50% of their Medicaid reimbursement. If the district is not compliant for either audit, the district will lose 100% of their Medicaid reimbursement. This money will be put into a deferred revenue account for Medicaid. It will be used when the EUPISD has to pay back money for not being compliant.

What is the Medicaid School Based Services (SBS) Program and how does it benefit schools in the Eastern Upper Peninsula?

Medicaid is the nation’s public health insurance program that finances health care services to all eligible Americans. It also helps schools defray the cost of delivering some healthcare services. This is made possible through the Medicaid School Based Services (SBS) Program. If a student is eligible for Medicaid and has a direct service written into his/her IEP, the school district can get a partial reimbursement for those services.  These direct services include Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Social Work, Personal Care Services, and Designated Case Management Services (when another direct service is assigned). This money is allocated back to the school districts who participate and who comply with the stipulations that are set forth by the Medicaid SBS Program.  Last year, EUP school districts and the EUPISD received reimbursement of $882,000 for Medicaid SBS.

EUPISD Parent Advisory Committee Educator of the Year Awards

The EUPISD Parent Advisory Committee (PAC) hosted their annual Educator of the Year Awards Ceremony on April 30.  The PAC takes time each year to recognize individuals and organizations who have positively impacted the lives of special needs students.  Below is the list of winners for this year:

Special Education Teacher

Jane Scheid - Sault Middle School

Sarah Sloat - Sault High School

Jordan Wagner - Three Lakes Academy

Susan Wagner - Sault Middle School

Heather Reese - Engadine High School

Tim Hall, Jr. - Washington Elementary School

Amanda Gaynier - Brimley Middle/High School

Bernadine Bazinau-Bloswick - Mackinac Island School

Michelle Busken - Tahquamenon Area Schools

Cossondra George - Tahquamenon Area Schools

Mike Ellis - Sault High School

General Education Teacher

Catherine Wilson - Sault Tribe Head Start

Kathy Williams - Lincoln Elementary School

Becky Newell - DeTour/Drummond School

Hank McClure - Les Cheneaux School

Heather Haskins - Superior Start

Jessica Kietzman - Pickford Schools


Bridget Coffey - EUPISD Learning Center

Brenda Teneyck - Sault Area Schools

Carol Mesnard - Brimley Area Schools

Melanie MacDowell - EUPISD Learning Center

Janelle Chadwick - EUPISD Learning Center

Kathy Christiansen - EUPISD Learning Center


Diane Chevillot – Principal, Washington Elementary School

Brooke Neeb – Special Education Supervisor/Principal, Tahquamenon Area Schools

Wendy Peterson – Principal, Rudyard Elementary School

Jessica Rondeau – Principal, Sault Middle School

Robert Vaught – Superintendent, DeTour Area Schools


Stephanie Vaughn - OT

Sarah Piepszowski - OT

Tera Richards - OT

Richard Schofield, Jr. - Bay Mills Community College

Larry Klein - EDUStaff Employee

Thaddeus (TJ) Rogalla - SLP

Support Staff

Nicole Golobic – Secretary, Washington Elementary School

Jesselynn (Jesse) Bourque - Intervention Specialist, Washington Elementary School

Pamela Pomeroy – Counselor, Sault Middle School

Jeanette Wilson - DeTour Area Schools


Alex Wiggins - Youth Volunteer, Sault Middle School

Sue Morisse - Lazy S Ranch

Community Agency or Organization

EUPISD Transition Council

War Memorial Hospital (Project SEARCH Host Business Site)

Project SEARCH Program and Staff

Alumni (two or more years of being awarded)

Barb Gordon - EUPISD Learning Center

Daniel Sawyer - Lincoln Elementary School

Jessica Clark - EUPISD Learning Center

Rachel Byma - EUPISD Learning Center

Tammy Hazley - EUPISD

Dorie France-Winegard - Volunteer

Lisa Lewicki - SLP

Ann Carey - SLP

Rachel Denis – SLP

Better Hearing & Speech Month Logo

Speech and language disorders are experienced by many children but are treatable.

With speech and language disorders ranking among the most common disabilities in children, parents and caregivers are encouraged to learn the signs and seek an evaluation if they have concerns about a child’s ability to communicate. The speech-language pathologists of the EUPISD offer timely guidance for families because May is recognized nationally as Better Hearing & Speech Month.

Development of strong communication skills is extremely important and parents anxiously await their child’s first words yet common misconceptions remain. One misconception is that children generally ‘grow out’ of speech or language difficulties. Unfortunately, this mistaken impression too often delays treatment. Of course, some children are indeed ‘late bloomers’ yet treatment is frequently necessary. Good communication skills are critical, helping with behavior, learning, reading, social skills, and friendships. It is much easier, more effective, and less costly to treat speech and language disorders early and May is a great time to educate parents on this important point.

Speech and language disorders are evaluated and treated by speech-language pathologists. Speech is the ability to produce speech sounds using the mouth, lips, and tongue. A child may say sounds the wrong way, repeat sounds and words, or be otherwise difficult to understand. Language is the ability to use and put words together—and to understand others’ words. A child may have trouble understanding questions, following directions, or naming objects. Early speech and language treatment set a child up for future school and social success.

Although treatment ideally begins early—in the toddler years—it is never too late to get treatment. The large majority of parents report significant improvement after treatment. Families can learn more and find help at and

Upcoming Special Education Trainings

Below is a list of trainings for May and June.  Please visit Wisdomwhere for more information and to register.  (If lunch is provided as part of a training, you must register at least 24 hours in advance to be included in the lunch count).

Area Coordinators’ Regular Meeting and Workgroup: 5/22, 6/19

Data Review & Action Planning: 5/13

General Education/Special Education Staff Meeting: 6/03

IPER Workgroup (Area Coordinators only): 5/14, 6/13

OT/PT Workgroup: 5/03

PBIS Assessment Coordinator Training for Schools: 6/27

Regional Implementation Team (RIT): 5/21, 6/18

RIT Work ½ Day: 5/29

SLP Workgroup Meeting: 6/10

Statewide Autism Resources Training (START) K-12 Intensive Training Series: 5/09

Strengthening Systems – School Leadership Teams SIT & DIT: 5/30

Youth Mental Health Committee: 5/13, 6/10

Early Childhood

Early Childhood Champion Award

The EUP Great Start Collaborative presented the Early Childhood Champion Award to Sault Ste. Marie Rotary Club at the United Way Volunteer Luncheon held on April 30.

Rotary has partnered on numerous initiatives over the course of the past year surrounding early literacy. In the fall, Rotary helped to sponsor a fun run event in Pickford to raise funds for this initiative. The club assisted in raising grant funds to support lending libraries and hosted book drives to stock the libraries.

We are grateful for the support and leadership of Rotary in the community.

Pictured below: Cara LaFaver, Great Start Collaborative Coordinator, presenting the award to Justin Knepper, Sault Ste Marie Rotary Club President.

 Cara LaFaver presenting Justin Knepper with award

Regional Data Systems/Instructional Technology

Data Management Team Meeting: May 17, 2019

If you deal with data in Illuminate (Illuminate leaders, secretaries, counselors, administrators, teachers), please join the Data Management Team.  Meetings are quarterly and deal with all areas of using Illuminate: report cards, GradeBooks, transcripts, demographics, special education, reports, lunch program, and behavior.  We also collaborate on other regional processes related to student data. Your input and experience are important, so consider being a part of the team.  If you have questions, contact Marianna Ripple.  Register for meetings in Wisdomwhere.

Illuminate Summer Office Hours

If you would like extra help learning, using, and maximizing the power of Illuminate, consider participating in Illuminate Office Hours offered this summer.  These dates offer personalized help with Illuminate in a supported environment.  Office staff, counselors, administration, and teachers are all welcome to attend.  Please register in Wisdomwhere for this event as spaces are limited; available dates are June 25, July 23, and August 16.

NWEA Spring Testing Window

The NWEA Spring testing window is open from May 1 through the end of the school year.

2019-2020 Elementary/Middle School Report Cards Collaboration

If you have been asked to provide input for the Elementary report cards in Illuminate for the 2020 school year, please see this document and provide your thoughts.  Comments can be added through May 10, 2019 in order to provide time to update and manage the report cards for the upcoming academic year.

REMC 22 Classroom Maker Trainings Summer 2019

Want to find out what you can do with the Maker philosophy and materials in your classroom?  Join us for one of two dates this summer: June 24 or July 22.  Training will provide experience with materials, reservation process, and classroom integration.  Past participants are welcome.  Training will be from 9-3 each day with lunch included.  Please register in Wisdomwhere.

REMC 22 Lend-Items Library

Remember that REMC 22 (EUPISD) has a library of classroom materials that can be reserved and checked out.  If you need account access to the library, please contact Marianna Ripple or Genny Kaunisto.

Other REMC 22 Services:

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