Substitute - Other Positions

  • Application Process

    The process to apply for substitute positions other than bus driver or teacher, is as follows:

    1. Complete the EDUStaff application process
    2. Complete the fingerprinting process (see below)
    3. Attend an EDUStaff enrollment meeting.  Selecting which meeting to attend is the last part of the online application process.  Your completed paperwork should be turned in at this meeting.

  • Fingerprinting Process

    1. Complete the EUPISD LiveScan Fingerprint Background Check Request (Please contact HR for the form)

    2. Go to website: IdentoGO to schedule an appointment for fingerprinting

    3. Take these items to your scheduled appointment:
      1. Your completed EUPISD Live Scan Fingerprint Background Check Request form
      2. Your valid driver's license

  • Return Paperwork

    Once you have completed the IdentoGO fingerprinting appointment, return the completed and signed EUPISD LiveScan Fingerprint Background Check Request form and Michigan Waiver Form to HR at EUPISD.  Please note, the Michigan Waiver Form should be dated with the same date as your LiveScan Form.

Last Modified on October 11, 2022