Monetary Policy

    Overarching Question:

    What impact does the monetary policy of the Federal Reserve have on the economy? 


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    Fiscal Policy
    Taxes and Government Spending


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    Monetary Policy

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    interest rates

    Questions to Focus Assessment and Instruction:


     1. Describe how the decisions of the Federal Reserve impact the money supply
    2. Identify and assess the impact of minimum wage, tax policies, and interest rates have on the market
    3. Explain the role of government in protecting consumers, and how these protections act as incentives or disincentives on consumer behavior
    4. Identify the role of government in the promotion of economic growth and security
    6. Explain the role incentives have on governmental action, and how governmental incentives impact consumer economic behavior
    7.  Identify the relationships between money supply, inflation and recession
    8. Define the roles and responsibilities of the Federal Reserve, and compare and contrast the consequences of policy actions to achieve macroeconomic goals


    monetary policy
    Federal Reserve
    money supply
    interest rates
    reserve requirements



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