International Trade and Globilization
    Global Exchange


    Overarching Question:

     How do economic systems outside the United States work and how do all economies tie together?


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    International Trade and Globilization

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    Questions to Focus Assessment and Instruction:


    1. Identify and evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of major economic systems including their historical/philosophical roots
    2. Identify and interpret the factors that impact the economic growth of developing nations
    3. Identify various international organizations and asses the impact they have on developing and developed nations of the world
    4. Cite evidence to compare and contrast the GDP and standard of living between the USA and three other countries
    5. Identify the three basic questions of an economy and use them to compare and contrast various economic systems
    6. Asses the impact transitional economies like China and India have on the global economy
    7. Apply comparative and absolute advantage to justify patterns of production and trade
    8. Determine the impact that trade policy and monetary policy have on domestic and international trade
    9. Illustrate how interest rates and currency value impact the trade of goods and services with other nations
    10. Interpret the decisions made by a central bank and the effects it has on international trade
    11. Recognize and cite historical evidence on how the global economy has evolved
    12. Explain the relationship between the American economy and the global economy, and how that relationship has been changing over time
    global economy
    economic systems
    natural resources
    human/physical capital
    property rights
    free trade
    World Bank
    real GDP
    standard of living
    socialist (command) economy
    mixed economy
    market economy
    transitional economy
    absolute advantage
    comparative advantage
    trade policies
    monetary policy
    exchange rates
    interest rates
    Federal Reserve
    international trade
    global economy
    automobile industry
    central bank



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    Transition of Russia from Command to Market Lesson

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