Sixth Grade Social Studies
    Unit 4: South America: People, Places, and Issues


    Overarching Question:

     What are some social, economic, political, and environmental issues affecting the people of South America. 

    Previous Unit:


     North America: People, Places, and Issues



    This Unit:
    South America: People, Places, and Issues
    Next Unit:
    (Europe) OR 7th Grade

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    Questions to Focus Assessment and Instruction:
    1. In what ways are the regions and cultures of South America alike and different?
    2. How does migration contribute to conflict and cooperation in North and South America?
    3.  How does economic activity lead to the exchange of cultural and political ideas in South America?

    Types of Thinking:










    The following is the list of lessons included in the MC3 South America Unit.
    1Exploring Culture in South America  
    2Cultural Diversity: Focus on Brazil 
    3An Overview of the History of South America                                                                           
    4History: Focus on Spanish Conquest 
    5Comparing Economies in South America 
    6Focus on Economic Activity: Oil and Venezuela 
    7Trade and Trade Issues 
    8Comparing Governments in South America 
    9Environmental Issues in South America 
    10Environmental Issues: Focus on the Amazon Rain Forest  
    11Conflict and Cooperation: Migration to the North 
    12Connections Between North and South America
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