Freedom to Learn is a statewide education program to improve student achievement in core academic subjects by providing Michigan’s students with access to 21st Century learning tools.  The focus is on creating a one-to-one environment in which students learn with computers, not simply about them. The program is also designed to bridge the digital divide, expanding technology opportunities to students, especially students in rural and high-priority schools.

    Freedom to Learn is jointly administered by the Michigan Department of Education and Michigan Virtual University with the assistance of a 32-member statewide advisory group from government, education, business and industry.

    Goals of the Freedom to Learn Program:

     Foster effective and efficient learning environments that improve student learning and successes          

    • Empower teachers to teach and share ideas beyond the walls of their classrooms.           
    • Empower parents with the tools to become more involved.           
    • Bridge the “digital divide” through universal access to technology.           
    • Provide Michigan students with the skills to lead in the 21st century workforce.