• Vocabulary Forms and Self-Evaluation
    This form allows students to record 2 words per page.  It can be run off and kept in their vocabulary binders to use for the 6 Step Lessons for academic vocabulary-  Academic Vocabulary Form
    This form has room for 1 word per page.  Before printing be sure to put your class name in the title line.  Academic Vocabulary Student Form
    This rubric explains the level of understanding  of vocabulary terms.  It would be a handy resource to keep in the student vocabulary notebooks.
    This tracking sheet allows students to keep track of the terms they have learned as well as their level of understanding.  Students can put the words in the term chart and refer back to it periodically to monitor their progress.  One suggestion is to refer to this chart each time a new word is added to the vocabulary notebook.  Students can date in the level of knowledge boxes to show their level of understanding.  At the end of each marking period, have them return to their past words on this sheet and date again in the understanding boxes to see what words they now have a better understanding of.