• WELCOME!  The EUP Social Studies Curriculum Review Team recently rolled out the latest regional social studies curriculum that is fully aligned with the GLCEs and HSCEs.  We're excited about what is now available for teachers, and we invite any questions regarding the new materials posted here.  If you need access to any of the old materials,  please contact your nearest SSCRT member or Lindsay Brindley (906)-632-3373 ext.114 at the ISD for access to our storage page, where those items will now reside. 
    The regional curriculum is a synthesis of locally-created material and components taken from the Michigan Citizenship Collaborative Curriculum (MC3, Oakland ISD, developer ), in which the EUP is a supporting partner.   Many of the grades are not entirely finished in MC3, but we're constantly getting new pieces which we will post as they arrive.  Consequently, the curriculum is a constant work in progress.  Be sure to check the website often for the most recent updates!! 
    Social Studies Curriculum Review Team
    SSCRT Spring 2009
    Front row (L to R): Lindsay Brindley (EUPISD), Kathy Tassier (Les Cheneaux), Gretchen Storey (Les Cheneaux), Seth Baker (Mackinaw Island), Jody Smith (Rudyard), Heather Kronemeyer (Sault), Anita Doyle (Whitefish), Anne Papineau (Rudyard), Tammy Schopp (Brimley), Brian Rider (St. Mary's), Chasity Sutton (Tahquamenon), Russ Norris (DeTour)
    Back row (L to R): Brooke Maciag (Pickford), Jessica Metrish (Pickford), Steve Wilson (Rudyard), Tim Whitehouse (Tahquamenon), Chad Smith (Rudyard), Robert Donaldson (JKL), Laurie Jarvie (JKL), Mary Myton (Sault), Linda Crawford (Pickford), Sue Hope (Brimley), Chris Pearson (Rudyard), Amiee Stiverson (Tahquamenon), Lynn Swartzlander (Sault)
    Not pictured:  Marci Bishop (St. Ignace), Art Brood (Sault), Terri Carr (Tahquamenon), Pat Chargo (St. Ignace), Jessica Clark (Engadine), Michael DeYoung (Rudyard), Onnalee Gibson (St. Ignace), Robin Mitchell (Tahquamenon), Patti Olson (Sault), Tom Suggitt (Sault)
    Mission:  The Social Studies Curriculum Review Team of the Eastern Upper Peninsula is committed to improving student achievement, developing responsible citizens in a global society, and providing leadership, professional development, resources, and research-based teaching tools aligned with Michigan Content Expecations for social studies teachers in our region.
Last Modified on October 19, 2018