• MC3 Civics and Government Units
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    This one-semester course deepens students’ knowledge of government, with a particular focus on national, state, and local government in America. Through discussion and writing, they practice making reasoned decisions about matters of public policy. Five questions guide students’ study: What are civic life, politics, and government?; What are the origins and foundations of the American political system?; How does the government established by the Constitution function to embody the purposes, values, and principles of American constitutional democracy?; What is the relationship of the United States to other nations and its role in world affairs?; and, What are the roles of citizens in American society? Students engage in investigations, analysis, and arguments about civic life in the Untied States and the role of the United States in the world. In making reasoned and evidentiary-based interpretations, arguments, or decisions, they frame important questions, locate and analyze appropriate evidence and data, consider differing points of view, and apply concepts and principles of American constitutional democracy. Through participating in democratic deliberations around public policy issues, students strengthen their understanding of the legal rights and accompanying responsibilities shared by all citizens.

    Unit of Study

    Title of the Unit

    Civics Unit 1

    Foundation of Government

    Civics Unit 2

    Limited Government

    Civics Unit 3The Legislative Branch and Politics

    Civics Unit 4
    Unit 4:  The Executive Branch and World Affair
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