• UNIT-Local History Component
    Title: Father Marquette"s Mission
    Focus: Jeusit Missionaries came to teach Christianity to the Native Americans
    Connection: Remember when we talked about the French missionaries coming to the Great Lakes region to convert Native Americans to Christianity. Today we are going to learn how Father Jacques Marquette established a permanent mission in Sault Ste.Marie in 1668 and called it Sainte Marie du Sault.

    Teaching Point: (1)Father Marquette later moved the mission to Mackinac Island and St. Ignace. (2)Marquette Mission Park and Museum of Ojibwa Culture in St. Ignace;  http://www.michigan.gov/hal/0,1607,7-160-15481_19267_20424-54630--,00.html

    Resource Materials for Teachers:    Importance — this date is taken as the “founding date” for the white settlement of Sault Ste. Marie. The mission  was intended as a “permanent mission,” but in fact was discontinued around 1694. See the Jesuit Relations for a description of the thinking of the missionaries that the Sault was the strategic center for their northern lake efforts. (go to http://puffin.creighton.edu/jesuit/relations/     Then do a search on “sault ste marie” [include quotation marks]. You should get 18  “hits,” i.e. places within the text in which mention is made of  Sault Ste. Marie. Vol. 54 is the specific one in which the original mission is discussed. The Jesuits are discussed in chapter two of City of the Rapids. The journal of the Marquette/Jolliet expedition to the Mississippi River can be read at this site:    http://www.americanjourneys.org/aj‑051/index.asp

    Active Engagement: Color Book with descriptive text found on pages 6 -7student pages.

    Share: With a partner summarize why Father Jacques Marquette established missions in this area. Why did he name his first mission Sainte Marie du Sault?
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