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    The first semester of the seventh grade social studies curriculum introduces students to cultures of the East, with emphasis on the contemporary geography of Africa and Asia.
    Through the study of geography, students learn the locations of significant places in each of these world regions; explore cultural and natural features that characterize each region; trace movement of people, ideas, and products within the regions; and discover ways that regions can be divided into sub-regions.
    Historical background is provided to enable students to understand how a region developed from the past to the present.
    Differences in governments and economies are examined. The economy of each region and its role in the global economy is explored. Special attention is paid to economic ties with the United States. Using a variety of media, students compile, analyze, and present geographic and economic data pertaining to the regions.
    Throughout the course, students study public issues of global significance in the East. Through analysis, discussion, and writing, students consider what actions, if any, their country should pursue with respect to these regions.
    The second half of the course is devoted to the study of the first three eras in World History. These units lay a foundation for the future study of World History in high school. Calling on the geography, economics, and civics that they have previously studied, students learn about the earliest humans and explore early migration and settlement patterns.
    Students learn how the emergence of pastoral and agrarian societies set the stage for the development of powerful empires, trade networks, and the diffusion of skills and ideas.
    The course concludes with an in-depth investigation of different world religions. Students examine why these religions became world religions. After exploring how these spread, students consider some of their influences in early world history. 
    Units 1-4 are available with lesson plans and support materials. Please check back for updates on units 5-8.   http://members.scope.oakland.k12.mi.us/el.aspx?id=59
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    7th Grade Curriculum- 36 Weeks
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