• UNIT: Creating Effective Citizens
    Day 9
    :Focus: Practice the"Take a Stand" essay.
    Mini Lesson:  Transfering notes from organizer to a full essay
    Connection: Yesterday, we practiced looking for evidence, labeling the evidence and deciding what position our evidence can support.  We then completed the pencil organizer as a tool to help make sure we have all of the components required to receive all the possible points:  Position Statement, Core Democratic Value, and Supporting Information from the Data (add connection to prior knowledge if 9th Grade).
    Teaching Point:  Today you are going to practice constructing the "Take a Stand" essay using a pencil organizer. 
    Model how to use your notes (students should have theirs from yesterday) from the graphic organizer (Pencil -6th grade, I-Pod - 9th grade) to create an essay.  Talk out loud to demonstrate what decisions are made when going from notes to the essay.  Use the teacher prompt to model how the students should transfer their information into essay format.
    Demonstrate when you complete the writing how you used the rubric to check (L,L,D) that you did not miss any of the components.
    Active Engagement: In groups, develop a "Take a Stand" essay based on the information from the organizer they completed yesterday.
    Have students evaluate their essays using the rubric they will see on the MEAP test.  (With group work, have large poster paper for students to write on.  This way, the essay is large enough for the entire class to see.)
    sdScaffolding Decisions:  If students have had experience using an organizer, have them complete this on their own. Then score them in groups.
    Share: Debrief students for strategies and parts to pay close attention to.  Point out where you notice good practices taking place.
    ChartAdd: Use the rubric to go back and check.
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