• UNIT:  Creating Effective Citizens
    Day 7
    Focus:  Civic Writing
    Mini Lesson:  Students will analyze student civic writing samples.
    Scaffolding Decisions: If students seem to struggle with Core Democratic Values, use "Core Democratic Values Are at the Heart of Citizenship" activity.
    Connection: Over the last several days, we have looked at various types of prompts.  You are now prepared to use what you have learned to write the "Take a Stand" essay, the last portion of the MEAP. 
    Teaching Point:
    1.  Today, we will look at student samples of the "Take a Stand" essay.
    2.  The MEAP will provide you  with a rubric to help focus your writing for the  "Take a Stand"  essay.   Good writers use the rubric to earn all possible points . 
    Read the criteria on the rubric.  Good writers keep the rubric in mind when writing their essays.
    Model how to
    • reread Point 1 on the rubric, "State Your Position."
    • use "Look, Label, and Decide" to locate that component in the sample paper.  (See sample if you are not familiar with this strategy.)

    ScaffoldingScaffolding Decision:  You may want to take part of Day 8 to continue this process if it seems that your students have had little practice with the "Take a Stand" essay.

    Active Engagement:
    1.  Give students a sample student prompt to score with the rubric.  Discuss what makes this writing easy or difficult to understand.
    2.  In groups, allow students to read and score sample papers. Use "Look" for evidence of criteria.  "Label" each part with a 1, 2, 3, or 4 (Grade 9 only).
    3. The groups must come to a consensus on the score of each sample.  They must debate in their group until they agree on a score.  This will enable the students to defend their position.
    4. As a class, go over the scores of each sample, if two groups disagree they then defend their position using evidence from the sample and rubric. 
    5. Finally, share thoughts about how students can use this process to check their own writing and to plan their "Take a Stand" essays.  Identify what students did well. Be specific and reflective. 


    You really did well on...
    Tomorrow, we will write our own practice "Take a Stand" essay.
    ChartTake a Stand Strategies  (NEW CHART)
    • Keep the rubric in mind to get all the points
    • Use "Look, Label, and Decide" when I am finished writing to check my essay.
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