• UNIT: Creating Effective Citizens
    Day 5
    Focus: Understanding Time and Chronology
    Mini Lesson: Students will understand historical events and their place in history.
    Scaffolding Decisions

    Connection: Yesterday, we looked at a letter written in historical context. We also discussed how to analyze questions and strategies for choosing the best answer. Today, we will look at a timeline of events you have studied prior to this year.

    Teaching Point:
    Model key concepts found on a timeline.
    • title, date range
    • era
    • political, cultural, comparison
    • vertical/ horizontal

    Model: Sometimes I have to create a mental timeline, or I can write it on the test booklet to see if the event happened in that time period or era.

    Active Engagement:
    Hand out a packet of timelines. In partners, students will analyze timelines and create a T chart deciding what makes each timeline easy or difficult to understand. Have each pair create a question for each prompt. Students will share with the class the questions they developed. As a class regroup and debrief, discuss T chart.
    • Today you did a great job...
    • I really liked...
    • Tomorrow, we will work on comparing data from two charts.

    ChartUse a mental timeline when asked about events.

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