• UNIT:  Creating Effective Citizens
    Day  4
    Focus:  Text Letters
    Mini Lesson:  Students will practice reading a letter.
    Scaffolding Decisions
    Connection: Yesterday, we read an historical passage using two strategies.  Today, we will read and reread the letter.  The first time, good test takers read for understanding.  Then, good test takers reread looking for specific information using the five W"s strategy. When we read the question, we use the QAR strategy to help us determine where to find the answer - in our mind or in the prompt?
    Teaching Point:
    Today we are going to use those strategies when a letter is the prompt and add a strategy for picking the best answer. 
    Model: Read the letter out loud to the class.  Reread using the 5W"s strategy.   
    We also learned the QAR strategy for answering the questions correctly.  Another strategy we can use is eliminating wrong answers. This is called the process of elimination.

    scaffolding decissionScaffolding Decision:  You may want to play "Who Wants to be a Millionaire?" (50/50 as an example).

    • Model the process of eliminating answers.  Is there anything I know about this that can help me to to understand this letter better?  Talk out loud using a model question.  Let"s see which answer is absolutely wrong? What are some key words that will help me narrow this down?   (almost, never, not, best, all except, etc.) 
    Active Engagement:
    1.  Working with partners or in small groups, students will be given a letter to read and analyze using the 5W"s method.
    2.  Given a set of questions, partners will use the Question-Answer Relationship strategy to analyze each question and then apply the process of elimination strategy in order to answer each question correctly.  Discuss how you arrived at your answers.   How were some of the answers eliminated? 
    I like the way this group thought about the questions using all the strategies. Point out if a group takes notes on the side, crosses out a number, underlines important information, etc. This means they are creating their own strategies for success.
    Tomorrow, we will work on understanding historical events and their place in history. 
    ChartAdd to chart:  Process of Elimination
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