• UNIT:  Creating Effective Citizens
    Day  3
    Focus:  Historical Passage
    Mini Lesson:  Students will read a passage for historical understanding.
    Scaffolding Decisions
    Connection: Yesterday, we looked at a passage for economic understanding and applied the QAR strategy (Is the answer in my head or in the prompt?)  Today, we will be reading a passage for historical understanding and learning another strategy. 
    Teaching Point: The first time we read through a passage, we read for understanding thinking about the message.  
    Model using the teacher passage.  
    On a second reading a strategy that we can use is called the 5W"s  (Who, What, When, Where, and Why).  Good test takers take their time and reread the passage carefully.    
    Model rereading the same passage identifying the 5W"s.  
    After you have used this strategy, combine the QAR strategy from yesterday and the 5W"s strategy to answer the questions.
    Active Engagement:  With a partner, read the student passage out loud.  The first time through, look for the main idea of the passage.  The second time, the goal is to identifying the five W"s from the text, then using your QAR strategy for each question.  Using both strategies should help you answer the questions correctly.
    Share/Link: I like the way I saw you working slowly and cautiously through both strategies to answer the questions correctly.  Tomorrow, we will look at prompts in the form of a letter.    
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    Use the 5W"s strategy when reading an historical prompt.
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