• UNIT:  Creating Effective Citizens
    Day  10
    Focus:  Practice Test
    Mini Lesson: Students will take a MEAP practice test.
    Scaffolding Decisions

    Connection: Over the last nine days, you have been introduced to strategies to help you be successful on the MEAP test.  Today, you and a partner will take a practice test to prove to yourself just how ready you are for the MEAP test. 

    Teaching Point: Remember to focus on the strategies we have gone over.  Refer to the classroom chart.  Good test takers use coping skills when they feel overwhelmed.  Don"t stress out.  You have worked hard for this challenge.   
    After the test, go through each section together asking
    • how individual students arrived at their decisions
    • what coping skills were used when/if they got stuck 
    Active Engagement:
    Pass out practice tests. 
    Students will complete the practice test. 
    Hold a classroom discussion about the  practice test. 
    You did it! 
    Ten days of working hard will pay off!
    The MEAP test will be in ten days.  You are well prepared.  Remember the strategies we learned will help you throughout the year to be successful in social studies.
    Chart Remember the chart must come down during the MEAP test. 
    There can be no MEAP preparation ten days prior to the start of the test.
Last Modified on February 14, 2018