• UNIT: Creating Effective Citizens
    Day 1
    Focus: Understanding Prompts
    Mini Lesson: The student will analyze organizational prompts.
    Scaffolding Decisions
    Connection: Over the next few days, you are going to study prompts so that you can feel confident answering questions on the Social Studies MEAP test. We know that students who are better prepared, perform better on the test. Test questions are usually written in a very formal language that sounds different from the way we usually speak. Even though the language of a test may sound funny, good test takers understand what the test questions are asking of them. Social studies MEAP tests are all organized the same way.  There is a  prompt. (Explain: information followed by several questions.)

    Teaching Point: Today you are going to practice analyzing organizational prompts. We will look at three different prompts that are similar to items you will see on the MEAP test. We will look at these prompts and discuss what is easy to understand and what is hard to understand.

    Model the selected prompt, thinking aloud and recording the easy and hard information on a t-chart.

    Active Engagement:

    Hand out a packet of prompts. While looking at a suggested prompt, partners will record on a t-chart the easy and difficult parts of the prompt. As a class, share the findings.  Ask students to share what strategies they might use when seeing this type of prompt. Take this time to clear up any misconceptions.
    Teaching Point: Sometimes when we see a prompt, it will have information missing.  This is an indicator that you will have to fill in the missing information like a title or label.  We must use the information provided to accurately fill in the missing piece.
    Model choosing an appropriate title or label.
    Active Engagement:  In partners, have students label and title prompts.
    Partners will discuss with the class what specific data was gathered from the prompt in order to title or label it correctly.  Discuss strategies they used to come up with the title or label.

    Share: I like the way you were able to use what you know about social studies to analyze the prompts. This will help you answer items correctly on the MEAP test. Tomorrow we will be analyzing a different kind of prompt, text prompts.



Last Modified on February 14, 2018