• Test Preparation Overview
    This ten day unit was created to assist teachers in preparation for the Social Studies MEAP test.  For some students, the strategies taught will be unfamiliar.  We hope, for most, they will be a review of strategies that are used throughout their learning.  Due to the time constraints, we felt it better to expose students to as many strategies as possible.
    Key Strategies
    There are several strategies in this unit that may be new to students and to you as a teacher.  We suggest adding them to a chart at the end of each day as a reminder to the students.  This chart can also be a guide for you and your students throughout the year.  Good social studies instruction would include these strategies and many more as the year goes on.  If your students are not proficient in one of these strategies, we suggest doing more intense units involving the strategy in connection with the content that is required.
    Recommendations for Teacher Models
    Text book companies often include test preparation materials which can be useful for the teacher model section of the lessons or group analysis.  MEAP released items are recommended as well.  The released items can be found on the State website, www.michigan.gov/meap.

    * As of Spring 2008, the Michigan Department of Education has decided to eliminate the "Take a Stand Essay" on the MEAP test.  Due to these changes, days 7,8, and 9 are no longer needed in your MEAP preparation.  However, these are important social studies skills that should be addressed sometime during your school year.  Please consider using these at a different time. 

    In place of days 7,8, and 9 we have included some suggested activities if you want to use them to prepare for specific portions of the MEAP test. 

Last Modified on February 14, 2018