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    *TG means that a teacher's guide is available to go with the video.
    Unit 1-Introducing Historical and Geographic Thinking
              Understanding and Using Maps and Globes (41:36)  TG
              Finding Your Way: Using Maps and Globes (22:36)  TG
              Geography Basics:  Climate, Water and Living Patterns (20:00) TG
              Geography Basics:  Landforms and Living Patterns (20:00)  TG
              Basics of Geography II (48:41) TG
              The Mighty Mississippi-video segment (4:38)
    Unit 2- United States and Canada
             The Beginnings of French Exploration and Settlement in North America 1490-1564 (17:29) TG
             Mysteries of Anasazi-video segment (4:56)
             Harnessing Natural Resources-video segment (7:20)
             Native America: Contact (14:30) TG
             Geography of Canada (23:12) TG
             Samuel de Champlain:  The Father of New France 1567-1635 (14:24) TG
             Regional Overview of Canada (28:25)
            Canada:  Its People, History and Government (20:00)
            Canada:  Land of Diversity (44:57) TG
            Economics:  The Production, Distribution, and Consumption of Goods and Services (16:24) TG
            Understanding Economics (25:00) TG
            The Anasazi Builders of America's First Cities (19:13) TG
            The Inuit Way of Life (23:45) TG
    Unit 3- Mexico
            The Mexican Population-video segment (2:39)
             Mexico-video segment (5:21)
            Overview of Mexico and Central America-video segment (20:27)
            Mexico: Its People, History and Government (21:00) TG
            Ancient Americans:  The Mayans and Aztecs (33:44) TG
            The Explorers:  Hernan Cortex:  Conqueror of Mexico (17:44) TG
            Conquest  of the Americas (23:26) TG
            Time Warp Trio:  Me Oh Maya (21:31) TG
            Maya Calendar-video segment (2:51)
           The Maya Number System-video segment (11:38)
            Mayan Intellectual Development-video segment (3:02)
    Unit 4-Central America and the Caribbean
           Miami's Cuban Culture-video segment  (3:27)
           Regional Overview of the Caribbean-video segment (5:49)
           Caribbean Music-video segment (4:45)
           Panama-video segment (4:21)
           Guatemala-video segment (4:27)
           Central America Today: The Geography of Central America  (20:00) TG
           Regions of the World:  South and Central America (36:59) TG
           Central America Today:  Life in Central America  (20:00) TG
           Central America Today:   The Heritage of Central America (20:00) TG
           Geography of the Caribbean (24:00) TG
    Unit 5:  South America
          Juan Peron:  Popular Union Leader, Argentine Dictator and Husband of Maria Eva -video segment (3:07)
          Chile (20:22) TG
          The Columbian Way of Life (24:10) TG
          Regions of the World:  South and Central America (36:59) TG
          World Geography of South America  (52:14) TG
                            Video Segments of Specific Regions or Countries included
          Countries and Cultures of the Andes:  Ecuador (18:58) TG
          The Jeff Corwin Experience:  South America:  Rain Forest Ecosystem (42:56) TG
         Explorers, The:  Francisco Pizarro and the Incas (18:12) TG 
          Peru:  Inca Heritage (17:07) TG
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