• Unit: Grade 4:  First Five Days 
    Day 5       
    Focus:  Reviewing Geography Concepts


    Mini Lesson:  Students will analyze geography prompts, maps, charts, and graphs.

    Scaffolding Decisions:  You may choose to teach the areas in which students have the most difficulty.  Over time, students have become better at charts and graphs and less proficient with maps.  A blank Michigan map has been included in the students' packets which includes the website it came from.    http://www.netstate.com/states/maps/mi_maps.htm  
    There are more maps available on this website.
    Connection:  Over the past few days, we have reviewed third grade social studies concepts and analyzed questions. Yesterday we  practiced the process of eliminating wrong answer choices using government and civics related questions. Today we are going to look at geography prompts and discuss what is easy to understand and what is hard to understand.  We are going to compare resources of data using charts, graphs, or maps. 
    Teaching Point:
    1. Teacher will model the "Blue Lake" prompt in the students' geography packets.
        Data can be represented in different ways. 
    2. Explain similarities/differences in the way the data is presented.
    3. Explain what each piece of data is measuring or representing.
    4. Draw conclusions based on both sets of data. 
    Active Engagement:
    Hand out the students' packets.  The students will work with a partner and discuss what is easy to understand and what is hard to understand as they answer the questions.  As a class, share the findings.  Ask students to share what strategies they might use when seeing this type of prompt. 
    You may also want to have them analyze the map prompt and questions 1-5 from 2002 MEAP  Grade 5 Social Studies Released Items.

     Share: Today, I like the way you ____ when comparing charts and ____ when drawing conclusions from them.   This lesson ends our review of third grade social studies concepts.

Last Modified on February 14, 2018