• UNIT:  Grade 4: First 5 Days
    Day  4       
    Focus:  Civics and Government
    Mini Lesson:  Students will practice the process of eliminating wrong answer choices using civics and government related questions.
    Scaffolding Decisions
    Connection: Yesterday, we discussed timelines and putting things in chronological order.  Today, we will be looking at questions related to civics and government.
    Teaching Point:
    Today we are going to review civics and government concepts that you learned in third grade.  We will look at prompts and discuss what is easy or hard to understand about the questions.
    Model: Read the selected prompt, thinking aloud and recording the easy and hard information on a t-chart.   
    scaffolding decissionScaffolding Decision:  Discuss the process of eliminating incorrect answer choices.  You may want to play/or discuss "Who Wants to be a Millionaire?" (using 50/50 as a discussion point of eliminating incorrect answer choices).
    • Model the process of eliminating answers.  Is there anything I know about this that can help me to to understand this letter better?  Talk  aloud using the model question.  Let's see which answer is absolutely wrong? What are some key words that will help me narrow this down?   (almost, never, not, best, all except, etc.) 
    Active Engagement:
    1.  Working individually, with partners, or in small groups, students will be given a prompt packet (these questions can also be used as a whole group activity if you would rather continue playing "Who Wants to be a Millionaire?" ).  The students can first discuss items that may seem difficult or easy about the questions.  They will then go through the questions, first elminating two possible incorrect answer choices and then choosing the correct answer.
    2.  Discuss how you arrived at your answers.   How were some of the answers eliminated? 
    I like the way this group thought about the questions using all the strategies. Point out if a group takes notes on the side, crosses out a number, underlines important information, etc. This means they are creating their own strategies for success.
    Tomorrow, we will work on reviewing 3rd grade geography. 
Last Modified on February 14, 2018