1st Grade Curriculum- 37 Weeks
    Smarter Balanced Performance Task - Sample Assessments
    Beginning in 2014-2015 the content of Michigan Social Studies GLCEs will be embedded in the context of the CCSS  ELA Smarter Balanced Performance Tasks.  These assessments will involve stimulus (reading and or viewing materials), information processing,  (comprehension and research questions), and a product or performance (essay, report, story, speech, PowerPoint, etc.). Performance Tasks are intended to assess skill sets based on content provided within the task. The GeorgiaStandards.org sample Performance Tasks provided below  may not be completely aligned to the Michigan Social Studies GLCEs at the first grade level; however they may be used to provide students with valuable practice completing Performance Task Assessments.  They may also provide a model for teachers to use in creating additional Performance Task Assessments with embedded Michigan Social Studies GLCE content.
    Click below to see sample Performance Tasks.
    K-2 Performance Task - Desk Buddy - ELA-SS (Source: Paul MacDowell, Portland Public Schools)

    Grade Social Studies GLCE's linked to the reading standards

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