• EUP Department of Cooperative Technology and REMC 22
    The Eastern Upper Peninsula Department of Cooperative Technology (EUPDOCT) and REMC 22 (Regional Educational Media Center) work together as one department. EUPDOCT has provided technology related services to the local school districts in the Eastern Upper Peninsula ISD service area since the formation of the EUP Telecommunications Consortium (EUPTC) in the late 1980's. This includes all of the public K-12 school districts in Chippewa, Luce and Mackinac Counties.
    The EUPDOCT provides educational data system support services to school districts in the EUPISD service area.
    The EUPISD utilize teacher curriculum coordinators to develop and monitor district progress toward meeting the curriculum objectives. School district curriculum representatives are working with diligence to keep up with the changing role of technology and curriculum.

    Technology Goals of the EUPISD
    • To teach educators to utilize technology as a tool to improve student achievement.
    • To ensure that all districts utilize regional infrastructure and educational data systems for cost savings and efficiency.
    • To work collaboratively with local districts to develop and provide standards for technology tools that are placed in the classroom. 
    • To teach basic technology and operational skills.
    • To ensure continued improvement in student learning through reliable technical systems. 
    • A circulating library of instruction resources
    • A digital library of instructional resources - Discovery Ed Streaming
    • Distance Learning support and opportunities including interactive television(ITV)
    • EUPSchools Compass - http://compass.eupschools.org
    • EUPSchools Cloud - https://cloud.eupschools.org
    • EUPSchoolsID - Active Directory
    • EUPSchools Moodle - https://moodle.eupschools.org
    • Internet access, including email, basic firewall, DNS and basic content filtering
    • Local and wide area network support and security
    • Regional Data Center for hosting educational data systems
    • REMC 22 - one of 22 regional educational media centers in Michigan, serving Chippewa, Luce and Mackinac County schools
    • Shared technical services for participating districts
    • Systems and Application analyses - Instructional, Data, Business, etc.
    • Technology consultation and procurement
    • Technology on loan through REMC
    • Website hosting
    (906) 632-3373 option 2
    Jason Kronemeyer
    Director of Technology and REMC 22
    Cory Jodoin
    Lead Network Systems Engineer
    Brian McDonald
    Network Systems Engineer
    Eric Galer
    Cooperative Technology Services Manager
    Jason Marra
    Application/Network Systems Technican
    Patti Wenglikowski
    Application/Network Systems Technician
    Mike Rivenburgh
    Application/Network Systems Technician
    Patti Meehan
    Application/Network Systems Technician
    Zachary Norman
    Application/Network Systems Technican

    David Kars
    Computer Systems Technician

    Dylan Buss
    Computer Systems Technican


    Andrew Nelson
    Computer Systems Technician