Health and Physical Education Guidance

  • Many schools ask what the requirements are for Health Education K-8. For over a year MiSHCA (the Michigan School Health Coordinators’ Association), of which our Regional School Health Coordinator is a member, has been asking for something official from MDE to clarify the law around this. Their clarification finally came last Thursday, in the MDE MEMO #031-18 Health and Physical Education Guidance.

    As you will see in the guidance, Health Education must be offered K-8, as well as the High School Graduation requirement. While the amount of time is not specified, it must meet the standards. Michigan Model for HealthTM is our regionally adopted curriculum, is evidence based, uses best practices, and covers the Standards.

Safety and Handling Stress

  • With the recent school shooting in Florida, many schools are increasing safety measures and encouraging students to say something if they see or hear something that could be a threat.  Please remember that the elementary Michigan Model for Health lessons teach kids to tell a trusted adult if something is Dangerous, Destructive and Disturbing (the 3 Ds). The Michigan Model also addresses handling stress at later grades.

Last Modified on March 9, 2018