EUP Early College

  •  Early College is a five-year high school program that allows students to earn a high school diploma and college credit leading up to an Associate Degree from Lake Superior State University (LSSU) at the same time--tuition free! 


    9th Grade

      • Students have a traditional high school schedule and start to learn more about the requirements and mindset needed to be successful in the Early College program.

    10th Grade

      • Students who have an interest in the Early College program will have the opportunity to take a one credit university seminar course in the spring. 
      • If students successfully complete this course, they can be eligible for the program.

    11th Grade

      • Accepted students must complete the application process and declare their intent to participate in the Early College before the start of their 11th grade year.
      • Students take a combination of college and high school classes.

    12th Grade

      • Students take a combination of college and high school classes.
      • Students work to determine their course of study.

    13th Year

      • Students maintain a full-time college schedule including one course that meets the Michigan Merit Curriculum and completes the graduation requirements. 
      • Students have the choice of living on-campus at LSSU or commuting from home.  (Housing costs are the responsibility of the student/family.)
      • Depending on course/credit completion, students finish their 13th year with a high school diploma and either an Associate Degree or a MEMCA Certificate.

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