• Practical School Improvement Timeline for Michigan

    The latest, most comprehensive guide to making the school improvement planning process accessible, relevant, and useful

    Visit the above website for practical information on exactly how to facilitate and participate in a highly effective school improvement planning cycle in your building/district.  The site not only contains upcoming deadlines and compliance pieces, but it goes several steps further, including delineated activities at the district, building, classroom, and individual student levels, as well as a variety of supplemental resources.  It is imperative that every member of a school community--on the school improvement team, or not--understands their role in the school improvement cycle.  This website is an attempt to organize, support, and demystify that role.  CHECK IT OUT!  Again...www.sitimeline.com

    If you have questions, or if you'd like assistance with any aspect of your school improvement process at any time, please contact Lindsay Brindley, regional school improvement facilitator: (906) 632-3373 x5114 or brindley@eupschools.org.
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