• The PEP U.P, project was completed as of July 31, 2015.  It was a grant funded project through  the U.S. Department of Education's Carol M. White PEP Grant program.  
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    PEP U.P.-Physical Education Program of the Eastern Upper Peninsula!
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    The EUPISD was awarded this grant from the U.S. Department of Education. This is something of which to be very proud!  In fact, the EUPISD was the only recipient of this grant from Michigan!  Our school is one of 14 districts in the Eastern Upper Peninsula that formed the consortium of which the EUPISD applied for this $800,000 grant.  The goal of PEP U.P. is to improve children’s overall physical health!

    PEP U.P. will provide your students, over the next 3 years, access to:

    • More effective physical education instruction
    • The use of HOPSports (www.hopsports.com) in year 1, for those districts that need it
    • SNAG Golf (www.snaggolf.com) in year 2
    • Approximately $5,000 of other valuable P.E. equipment in year 3
    • The use of pedometers (small electronic step-counters that clip on a child’s waistband) for all years
    • And, a more healthy school environment, specifically around physical activity and nutrition policies!

    BMI Collection will be done confidentially by Lake Superior Excercise Science students, some of which are LSSU Hockey players, who have agreed to wear their jerseys when they come to your child's school! 

    PEP U.P. is also providing PE Teachers equipment and training to carry out the grant objectives. 

    PEP U.P. is affording PE teachers in the region a ROBUST amount of Professional Development and Training to further the effectiveness and quality of Physical Education in the region.

    PEP U.P. is providing stipends for Coordinated School Health Facilitators at each school to guide the implementation of PEP U.P. and work with parents and the community to make our schools healthier.