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Ms. Lisa Jo Gagliardi

Phone: 906-632-3373, ext. 5132


Degrees and Certifications:

Master of Public Administration Keller Graduate School of Management DeVry University Bachelor of Studio Arts, Minor Psychology Michigan State University Trained Trainer for: ACES, Michigan Model for Health, Sex Education and HIV, Bully-Free Schools-Peer Aggression, LGBTQ, Action-Based Learning

Ms. Lisa Jo Gagliardi

Regional School Health Coordinator

Lisa Jo Gagliardi is a resource for student's physical and social emotional health.  Working under the WSCC Model (Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child), Lisa Jo works on various grant programs to help students’ non-academic needs be met, as well as being the consultant for health education PK-12, and physical education.  Some programs Lisa Jo currently works on are: Comprehensive School Health (Michigan Model for Health and Sex ed/HIV and LGBTQ), The U.P. Health Project, ACES (Adverse Childhood Experiences) presentations,  Action-Based/Brain-Based Learning presentations, the MEMPSA Integrating Health into School Improvement Plans grant, McKinnney Vento, and serving in leadership capacities as part of the Regional Implementation Team for MTSS Scale Up, EUPISD NCA Accreditation, and the Michigan School Health Coordinators' Association. 

Lisa Jo began her career in Kalamazoo working for a large non-profit, grant funded, serving people with disabilities.  Her background in mental health knowledge, grant writing and administration, and public administration led her to become the elementary counseling grant coordinator for Rudyard Elementary where she oversaw the project implementation with two social workers and two counselors.  She also soon became the Response to Intervention coordinator, getting staffed trained and implementing RTI in ELA.  After working for Rudyard, Lisa Jo took her current position at the EUPISD.  Over the years she has written many grants, overseen five school-based health centers, headed two large grants; physical education grant and elementary counseling grant that was allocated to three elementary schools, worked on Farm to School, and other Whole Child programs.

Contact for:
Comprehensive School Health for EUPISD and COPESD (predominantly Michigan Model for Health PK-12 and Sex Ed/HIV)
WSCC (Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child)
UP Health Project
MEMSPA IHSIP Project for Soo Twp and Houghton Lake Middle School
Regional Implementation Team for MTSS
Youth Mental Health Community Conversations-Building Resilient Communities committee Chair
Health and PE CRT
ACES (Adverse Childhood Experiences) Presenter
Action-Based/Brain Based Learning facilitator
LGBTQ professional development/creating positive safe school climates
Bully-Free Schools: Circles of Support, SRSS-IE Resource

Last Modified on July 13, 2020