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Ms. Lindsay Brindley

Phone: 906-632-3373, ext. 5114


Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor of Arts in Secondary Education Major: Language Arts Minor: Biology Master of Arts in Curriculum Development and Instruction

Ms. Lindsay Brindley

School Improvement Facilitator, Language Arts/Social Studies Curriculum Consultant

As a school improvement facilitator locally and at the state level, Lindsay supports districts as they establish practical systems for continuous improvement; this commitment closely relates to her instructional consulting position in both language arts and social studies, through which she works to increase viable curriculum, high-quality instruction, and robust assessment practices throughout the region.

Lindsay has taught locally at both the elementary and secondary levels, and has coordinated professional learning for local districts, multiple regions, and at the state level for over fifteen years.  She continues to enhance her learning with certifications in Blueprint Facilitation, Adaptive Schools, Cognitive Coaching, and Reading Apprenticeship, as well as membership in a variety of professional organizations, including as a past board member of both the Michigan Council for Teachers of English and the Michigan Council for History Education.  She is also a coordinating member of Michigan School Improvement Facilitators’ Network and the Michigan Continuous School Improvement workgroup, contributing to MDE’s recent redesign of the statewide Integrated Continuous Improvement Process.

Contact for:
K-12 Social Studies Instruction and Teacher Leader Corps
History Day
Constitution Day
6-12 Literacy Instruction
MTSS Literacy, MTSS Strengthening Systems
Continuous School Improvement
Collaborative Learning Cycle
Blueprint for Systemic Reconfiguration
Reading/Writing Workshop, Reading Apprenticeship

Last Modified on July 9, 2020