• The Schoolwires project is now full-steam ahead. All district template sites have been created or are in the process of being created. I would like to take a little time to explain what has happened up to this point and what is going to happen in the coming months with the project.
    With the reliance on the Internet becoming more prevalent it makes sense that the Internet become the primary medium for district communications with community, staff, parents and students. Our district websites need to be information rich but most importantly need to answer all the questions that a parent of a prospective student may have. Our district websites need to serve as an advertisement for our districts.
    At the October Superintendent meeting, the concept of implementing a tool to help drive the content on our district websites was presented to the area Superintendents. At that meeting the area Superintendents made the decision that something needed to be done to make the process of creating and maintaining the district websites simple enough that any staff in the district would be able to maintain content with minimal training. This would allow the workload to be spread across district staff.
    Following that meeting a committee was formed to review possible technologies to be implemented with this project. Taking volunteers from the pool of area Technology Coordinators a committee was formed with the following members:
    • Don Sandberg - St. Ignace
    • Amy Marchese - Tahquamenon
    • Dennis Breslin - Rudyard
    • Pete Mantei - Sault Sainte Marie
    • Steve Gordon - Sault Sainte Marie
    The committee reviewed several solutions primarily on functionality and ease of use. After review, one company's solution, SchoolWires was head and shoulders above the rest and was unanimously selected by the committee. (http://www.schoolwires.com/) Following negotiations between the committee and SchoolWires, contracts were signed, equipment was ordered and implementation began.
    Present and Future
    Presently all of the initial hardware and software build-up has been completed. Each district starts out with what is called a template website into which it will develop the content that will become its website. All templates have been created or are in the process of being created. Once the template site has been created, it is moved to our servers for production.
    Each district has determined a Site Director. The Site Director is the person who is ultimately responsible for the overall management of the district website. This person has the ability to create sections within the website and create accounts for other people who will create and manage the content within those sections (Section Editors).
Last Modified on May 28, 2004