Account Ownership

  • Technical Services creates an EUPSchools user account for a school district when the district's superintendent or their designee submits a New Hire form. The school district then owns the user account, granting access to and use of the account to the corresponding staff member. The school district is responsible for maintaining, retaining, and disposing of any records in that account that are FOIA-able or are subject to the Records Retention and Disposal Schedule for Michigan Public Schools. The staff member is responsible for requesting authorization from their superintendent to take copies of the work they created on behalf of the school district with them to a different school district.

    There are new-account workflows in place in order to prevent a single individual from having more than one active EUPSchools user account. Exceptions may be granted under extraordinary circumstances upon collaborative agreement between the superintendents of both districts and the advisement of the Director of Technology.

    Files and Email

    District-owned records include files and email created with, saved within, or sent from EUPSchools user accounts. Prior to copying or removing records from a school district, staff members should adhere to the following guidelines:

    1. Request authorization from district superintendent. If authorized:
      1. Copy authorized files to removable storage media.
      2. Export email contacts to removable storage media.
      3. Export browser bookmarks to removable storage media.
    2. Make note of professional organizations to be contacted after new credentials are issued. 

    Administrative Access

    Superintendents may request access to a staff user account at any time, and are encouraged to review the files and email of departing staff members in order to retain the necessary and dispose of the unnecessary, in accordance with the Records Retention and Disposal Schedule for Michigan Public Schools and District Board Policy.

Last Modified on July 27, 2021