EUPConnect Collaborative Overview

  • Working collectively, instead of independently, the EUPConnect Collaborative is working as a facilitator to ensure that all households in the EUP have access to broadband infrastructure which will support 1Gbps connectivity to the internet.

    Our Vision and Mission:

    • 1 Gbps minimum fixed broadband service to the premises of every e911 service address in the tri-county area, including all islands with electrical service by 2025,
    • 25/3 Mbps minimum mobile broadband coverage of all geographic square miles in the tri-county area, including all islands, by 2025.


    Our Purpose:

    To facilitate the creation of a twenty-first century broadband infrastructure throughout the EUP which will provide cyber security protection for all residents, businesses, utility companies, governmental units and institutions at a competitive pricing structure by 2025.


    Strategic Initiatives:

    • Pool resources from existing and emerging funding sources to facilitate the applications for broadband infrastructure and equity funding opportunities.
    • Develop public-private partnerships for infrastructure deployment
    • Technical assistance for local and regional master plans with current and future regional infrastructure investment opportunities
    • Remove barriers to residential broadband adoption in coordination with infrastructure investments
    • Continually collect and share data to measure progress toward objectives and development of master plans
    • Work with philanthropic organizations, community service groups etc., to support local funding efforts
    • Establish educational programs to ensure high quality services for our communities


Community Partners

Eastern Upper Peninsula Map

Community Support

  • Center for Change: a Northern MI Advocacy Group
  • Friends of Les Cheneaux Community Library
  • HSC Foundation
  • Les Cheneaux Community Foundation