Broadband Program

  • The EUPISD is the one organization that has the existing expertise and overall ability to coordinate an effort that would allow all of these organizations to work together to realize this goal. If we could work collectively, we could maximize everyone’s dollars so no one is left out of this opportunity. The EUPISD Board of Education, has approved the project in concept and instructed staff to proceed with the implementation of the EUP Connect Program. Working collectively, instead of independently, a broadband collaborative would allow a very competitive alternative to what could be offered by “for profit companies” that will compete for the same dollars.

    Strategic initiatives of the EUPConnect Collaborative

    Working collectively, the EUP ISD would develop a consortium of members that would offer:

    • A 1 Gbps minimum fixed broadband to the premises of every e911 service address in the tri-county area, including all islands with electrical service by 2025,
    • A 25/3 Mbps minimum broadband coverage of all geographic square miles in the tri-county area, including all islands by 2025.


    To accomplish this would require all partners working collectively to achieve the following primary goal:

    To create a twenty-first century broadband infrastructure throughout the EUP which will provide cyber security protection for all resident, businesses, utility companies, governmental units and institutions at competitive pricing structure by 2025.

    To achieve this goal the following would be required: 

    • Develop a private/public collaborative that would guide and direct the EUP Collaborative
    • Pool resources from existing and emerging funding sources to fund the Collaborative
    • Develop public-private partnerships for infrastructure deployment
    • Align local and regional Master Plans with current and future regional infrastructure investment opportunities
    • Remove barriers to residential broadband adoption in coordination with infrastructure investments
    • Continually collect and share data to measure progress toward objectives and development of Master Plans
    • Work with philanthropic organizations, community service groups etc., to support local funding efforts
    • Establish educational programs to ensure high quality services to our communities


Community Partners

Eastern Upper Peninsula Map

Community Support

  • Center for Change: a Northern MI Advocacy Group
  • Friends of Les Cheneaux Community Library
  • HSC Foundation
  • Les Cheneaux Community Foundation