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  • December 2021 Newsletter

    December 2021 Newsletter

    My heart is heavy after the school shooting yesterday. My prayers and thoughts are with the Oxford Community Schools and community. As a parent, I wanted to come home and hug my children. As an educator, I felt at a loss. Keeping our students and staff safe is a priority, and situations like this make me question what we have in place. We need to continue to make our schools as safe as possible, and nurture all of our children.

    How do we talk to our children during times of uncertainty and fear? The National Association of School Psychologists has many resources on their website In particular, “Talking to Children About Violence” is a good guide. We need to assure our children that schools are safe places. We need to listen to our kids’ concerns and answer their questions. We also need to review and practice our safety protocols. Remind students that it’s important to tell an adult if another student is threatening them. Last month, I wrote about OK2SAY. Anyone can submit a tip by calling 855-5OK2SAY (855-565-2729), texting 652729 (OK2SAY), or emailing

    The well-being of our families, children, colleagues, and communities needs to be everyone’s responsibility. If you need support, reach out to a trusted friend or co-worker. If you are concerned about a friend, reach out to them. Let’s take care of each other and make our world a safer, kinder place.

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  • November 2021 Newsletter

    November 2021 Newsletter

    November 1st marks the beginning of Native American Heritage Month. Over one-third of our students in the EUPISD are Native American. If you are looking for resources to use in your classroom, check out There are many stories, videos, and activities to use to make sure our students see themselves in their classroom.

    November is also Election Month. Some of our school districts have elections on the ballot tomorrow. Please make sure you get out and vote. Polls are open from 7am to 8pm. Practice your civic duty!

    Are you aware of OK2SAY? It is a confidential way to report anything that threatens a student or school safety. You can call 855-565-2729 (8-555-OK2SAY), email, or text 652729 (OK2SAY). A study by the U.S. Secret Service reported that in 81% of violent incidents in school, someone else knew about the incident but did not report it. OK2SAY has received tips on suicide threats, bullying, drugs, cyberbullying, and other violence. Let’s work together to keep our schools and students safe.

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  • October 2021 Newsletter

    October 2021 Newsletter

    Did you know that October is National Principals’ Month? Across the EUPISD, there are thirty talented, dedicated individuals serving our students in the role of principal. Please take time this month and thank them for their incredible service!

    At our staff meeting this month, we watched a video called “The Danger of A Single Story” . I encourage you to watch it if you haven’t seen this TED Talk by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. It is a great reminder to not assume you know the path that someone else is walking. It is a great reminder to look deeper than a first impression.

    In our world today, it seems everyone is quick to jump to conclusions and assume the worst in someone else. Take time to breathe and listen to what someone else is concerned about before crafting your argument. We need to remember how to discuss our opinions with respect for the other person, even if we don’t agree. I appreciate the respectful concerns voiced over masks, vaccinations, and COVID-related issues and the ongoing dialogue. We are all weary of our lives being impacted by COVID. What is not appreciated, and what I find reprehensible, are the stories of yelling, threats, and harassment that our school administrators, school boards, school employees and health department partners are receiving.

    While October is not National Kindness Month, let’s pretend it is and treat each person with kindness. Please do your part to give each person a little grace and understanding.

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  • September 2021 Newsletter

    September 2021 Newsletter

    As we begin the 2021-2022 school year, it is so encouraging to see our students and staff return to our schools around the EUP. I am hopeful that this year can be focused on teaching and learning, rather than all-things COVID. Excitement is evident from staff as they prepare for the year. Districts around the region are welcoming their students to their classrooms. At the EUPISD, the staff is ready to support districts through our programs, services and supports, whether in Early Childhood, Special Education, Business Services, Technology, or General Education. So instead of discussions about masks and quarantines, let’s talk about how our students are doing and what support and opportunity we can provide for their success.

    One sign of school being back in session are the big yellow school buses. Be diligent in watching for school buses and students. Recent legislation was enacted to provide more safety measures: cameras on stop-arms to record video of those passing a stopped school bus; as well as fines and civil infractions for impeding bus operation. Please do your part in keeping our students safe!

    Almost all districts in the EUPISD have job vacancies, from teachers to bus drivers, paraprofessionals, kitchen staff and substitute teachers. If you are interested, please check out the Employment Opportunities.

    To our school staff: I wish each of you a school year full of positive interactions with students, parents, and co-workers. The work you do impacts the future. Thank you for all your efforts! Let’s have a great year!

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