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  • May 2022 Newsletter

    May 2022 Newsletter

    This is National Teacher Appreciation Week. Thank you to all teachers in our region. I know the challenges you face daily, and I appreciate your dedication, your creativity, and your perseverance. I extend this thanks to all educators in our buildings and districts – regardless of role. Every position in our districts can be the one person who becomes important to a student. Our schools are all about relationships. Thank you for building relationships with our students daily!

    It is my hope that we can see an increase in support for our teachers and public schools. America needs public schools, and we need talented individuals to pursue careers as educators. Our schools are educating, supporting, and nurturing our future. I urge parents, community members, grandparents, and other interested adults to contact your local school to volunteer your time to support your school and teachers.

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  • April 2022 Newsletter

    April 2022 Newsletter

    Many years, at this time, I would have just returned from a visit to somewhere warmer. Spring Break is a great time to get away. This year, I chose to stay home and take care of some projects around the house. I organized, painted, and worked on assignments for the classes I’m taking currently. I enjoyed seeing friend’s posts about their vacations and might have been a little envious about the warmer temps they were experiencing. For either experience, the break in our normal activities allows us an opportunity to relax and unwind. Hopefully, each of you has returned to work or school with a refreshed attitude, ready to accomplish much in our last quarter of the school year!

    Last week, Governor Whitmer signed into law the Infrastructure Bill - SB 565 (sponsored by Senator Bumstead). This massive bill totals $4.7 billion and includes appropriations related to housing and homeowner assistance, rental assistance, state and local parks and trails, transportation, and broadband expansion. There is $250.6 million allocated to provide grants for the expansion of broadband internet service into unserved areas. The EUPConnect Collaborative (EUPCC) is a collaboration of school districts, townships, cities, economic development commissions, hospitals, Native American tribes, libraries, and Mackinac County with a mission of bringing internet access to all 911 addresses in the EUP. We recently published our first project RFP for a Schools and Libraries Network. The Infrastructure Bill will be pivotal toward meeting this goal in the EUP. For more information, go to

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  • March 2022 Newsletter

    March 2022 Newsletter

    March is Reading Month! At the EUPISD Learning Center, the theme for our reading month is "Reading is an Adventure". Each class will read dragon-themed books. The staff and students at the Learning Center will participate in spirit-filled activities throughout the month to build excitement about reading.

    Why is reading so important? It is a foundational skill for life-long learning. Our kids begin to develop pre-reading skills in their earliest years. As parents, grandparents, and caring adults, we can assist our kids develop by introducing them to words early in life - by simply talking, or by reading books, by singing, or by storytelling. Our brains need to exercise, just as our muscles need to exercise. Spend a few minutes each day this month reading - for your child or yourself.

    Reading truly is an adventure! See where a good book can take you!

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  • February 2022 Newsletter

    February 2022 Newsletter

    At a recent community event, a group of students from Sault Area Public Schools volunteered to assist with setup, games, and fundraising. The students were friendly and courteous to the attendees and were a great help. I know this occurs in many communities, but I wanted to commend the students for taking their time to help. Volunteering is an easy way to support the community and organizations. It was heartwarming to see these students at work! If you have talent or time, reach out to any of your community organizations to offer your assistance. Our communities are better for it!

    We have a shortage of teachers and other positions in Michigan schools. The Michigan Department of Education recently announced a grant program for schools called “Grow Your Own” as part of the Future Proud Michigan Educators. The first round of grants provides mini-grants (up to $10,000) for support staff to become certified teachers. Local school districts who are interested in this can find additional information at the Future Proud Michigan Educator website. Additional grants are available for preparation and recruitment activities. The deadline for the grant cycle is Friday, March 18.

    Education is a challenging, but very rewarding field. There is no other career where the impact is greater on our future!

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  • January 2022 Newsletter

    January 2022 Newsletter

    Welcome to 2022! I hope you were able to take some time over the holiday break to relax and rejuvenate. Many of us spend some time over the holidays making New Year’s resolutions related to our physical or mental well-being, financial health, or daily habits. Many of us do well on our resolutions for a brief time, and then return to old habits. Why is this?

    The word “resolute” is defined as “admirably purposeful, determined, and unwavering.” This makes me think of educators over the last two years. Regardless of position, those who work on behalf of our region’s children have been steadfast in their work. They have been purposeful in building bonds with our students and their families. They have been determined to create and maintain effective programs for our students. They have been unwavering in supporting our staff and students. And while being resolute, they have been doing so during their own personal challenges and joys. To our educators who remain resolute and dedicated to our students, thank you! Your unwavering support of our students and staff is noticed and acknowledged.

    January is School Board Appreciation Month. Serving on a school board is frequently a voluntary position with a great deal of responsibility and little recognition. Thank you to our board members around the region. Your leadership is appreciated!

    As we move through January, focus on being resolute in your service to our students and staff, but also to your own health and wellness. Be well!

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