The Pillars

    1. Create a STEM Culture by using a systematic approach to enable community engagement, experiential learning, place-based education and by building capacity in our leaders, teachers, and learners to create solutions to real-world situations.
    2. Empower STEM Teachers: ​by creating opportunities for professional development, capacity building and support, and by connecting teachers with community partnerships that enable a diverse array of STEM-related engagement.
    3. Integrate Business and Education: by bringing leaders together, establishing a common language, co-designing multidisciplinary real-world projects, and by providing authentic learning opportunities to help train a robust and diverse STEM literate workforce.
    4. Ensure High-Quality STEM Experiences: that focus on real-world situations, immerses students in place-based, hands-on, experiential open-ended exploration, engages students in productive teamwork and integrates rigorous math and science content where failure is seen as a necessary part of the learning process.