• All Teachers in EUPSchools are served by REMC22 a member of the Regional Educational Media Center Association of Michigan (REMCAM). MiStreamNet is provided by REMCAM to all educators in Michigan.

    To assist teachers in publishing lessons and videos to streaming services such as MiStreamNet. REMC22 has assembled a small team to assist with the transcription and close captioning of video to be streamed online.

    Steps for Uploading Content

    1. Contact REMC22@eupschools.org for the login and password to use for uploading videos to MiStreamNet.
    2. Record your lesson or video - tips for success below!
    3. Log into MiStream (https://mistreamnet.eduvision.tv/)
    4. Select ‘Upload Asset’ in the top-right corner
    5. Give your upload a title and brief description under the ‘Title/Desc’ tab
    6. Select the ‘Channel & Upload’ tab
    7. Choose ‘REMC 22 - EUP ISD’ under the Channel option
    8. Select your file to upload
    9. Check the box for ‘Automatic Caption’
    10. Finally, choose Save/Upload changes
    11. A member of the REMC22 Media Team will review your upload, make minor edits if necessary, and approve it for publishing.


    • Custom channels for your school can be requested by contacting REMC22@eupschools.org
    • For the REMC Media user account information, please contact REMC22 at remc22@eupschools.org
    • If you are recording a video of your own, make sure to speak clearly and eliminate as much background noise as possible so that your video will be as high of quality as possible.
    • Most video formats are compatible with MIStream, but MP4, AVI, and MOV are ideal for this platform.
    • Video length can be a concern so try to keep your recordings as short as possible.
Last Modified on October 11, 2022