• Ever wonder how Malware makes it way around the world wide web and finds its way to your computer? This flowchart which is described in detail below it, 

Its Path

    1. From adversary space, malicious agent leverages operational infrastructure in neutral space, to then
    2. Craft an email with malicious link, which is then
    3. Sent to a recipient in the victim space, who then
    4. Clicks on link and in neutral space enters credentials for a website that looks legitimate, but really
    5. Website gathers credentials to feed back to operational infrastructure, which then
    6. Uses credentials to access targeted systems in victim space, where it will
    7. Install malicious files, which
    8. Move through system structure to 
    9. Gather data of interest, which is then
    10. Exfiltrated through the operational structure in neutral space

    Photo by Unknown Author is licensed under CC BY-SA

Last Modified on October 5, 2020