Email - Gmail or Outlook

  • Email account are created, managed and disabled by Technical Services. For the past five years or more, the majority of staff members have used our GMail integration to take advantage of the GSuite educational tools along with their mail service. Services available to staff now include Outlook as part of the Office 365 suite.

    Why Switch to Outlook?

    Though Outlook is primarilty used for email it also includes a calendar, task manager, contact manager, note taking and journal features.

    Take advantage of the FindTime feature to schedule meetings bypolling participants so they may indicate their preferences for meet times as well as times that would be impossible for them to meet.

    How Do I Switch?

    Contact Help Desk by calling 906-632-5673 or send an email to Tell us your name, district, how and when to best contact you. A technician will reach out to you to facilitate syncing your old Gmail messages to your Outlook account.


Last Modified on October 11, 2022