Substitute Teachers

  • Individuals desiring placement as a substitute teacher who are not in possession of a valid Michigan teaching certificate must obtain a substitute teacher permit. All substitute teaching permits are valid from the date of issuance through August 31, or the last day of the academic year for which they are issued, whichever date comes first. A permit is not valid until it reaches the approved status, which includes fulfillment of the payment process. A school district's State Aid funding becomes jeopardized if a non-certified, inappropriately endorsed individual is placed in an assignment without a valid permit.

    Individuals who hold valid Michigan teaching certificates may substitute teach under the validity of their teaching certificates. The district/school is not required to obtain a permit for certified teachers that substitute teach in short-term assignments of 45 calendar days or less outside the grade level and subject area validity of their teaching certificate.

    Substitute Teaching Permits

    A substitute teaching permit is limited to a single teaching assignment of no more than 45 instructional days (consecutive or non-consecutive; weekends and holidays do not count).

    Michigan legislature has the following requirements:

    • Individuals under the age of 22 are ineligible to fulfill teaching assignments in grades 9-12.
    • Individual must have at least 60 semester hours with a GPA of 2.0 or higher.
      • Official transcript is required.
      • Online transcript copies are not acceptable.
    • Individuals must undergo Fingerprinting process which includes a Michigan criminal history and FBI records checks. The charge for this process is approximately $65.25.

    If an applicant has been convicted of (or pleaded no contest to) a misdemeanor or felony, the applicant must provide a copy of the court documents.  The acceptable documents include the Judgment of Sentence, Register of Actions, Certificate of Conviction, or a copy of the court docket.

    Once the application process has been completed with EDUStaff, the EUPISD will submit your application to the Michigan Department of Education (MDE).  You will then receive an email from the MDE with instructions for paying your $45 permit fee on-line.  The permit fee must be paid before you can begin working.

  • Application Process

    The application process varies by position and, in some cases, by district. With the exception of Lake Superior Academy, Mackinac Island School, Moran Township School, and Ojibwe Charter School, the process follows this basic flow:

    1. Complete the EDUStaff application process
    2. EDUStaff will send applicants information on how to complete the fingerprinting process.
    3. Attend an EDUStaff enrollment meeting.  Selecting which meeting to attend is the last part of the online application process.  Your completed application should be taken to this meeting.  

  • Return Paperwork

    Once you have completed the IdentoGO fingerprinting appointment, return the completed and signed EUPISD LiveScan Fingerprint Background Check Request form and Michigan Waiver Form to HR at EUPISD.  Please note, the Michigan Waiver Form should be dated with the same date as your LiveScan Form.

Last Modified on November 29, 2022