E-SAT (Emergency Student Assistance Team) and Risk Assessment

  • The Emergency Student Assistant Team is a process local school administrators can request for students who are an imminent danger to themselves or others.   

    Purpose of E-SAT:

    The purpose of the E-SAT is to gather preliminary data regarding a student’s past and current level of functioning as well as the nature/severity of risk. When completed, the E-SAT will culminate in a decision as to whether or not a formal school based Risk Assessment is necessary.

    Purpose of a Risk Assessment:

    The presence of imminent risk for harm to self or others, requires an immediate and comprehensive response. A Risk Assessment provides detailed insight into student behavior, motivation, and thinking. A comprehensive risk assessment examines developmental and academic histories through record reviews, interviews, a mental status exam and observation of the student, current risk factors, and coordination with outside agencies if applicable. Conducting a risk assessment within the school setting is uniquely beneficial because school staff have access to the school setting and information that outside evaluators would not typically have. Students in most cases, are assessed within the familiar setting of their school. Completion of the risk assessment culminates with recommended interventions and supports for the student, his/her family, and the school.

    Core Beleifs:

    • Schools should be safe, nurturing environments that facilitate learning for all.

    • Health and learning are directly linked and essential to the development of healthy, resilient citizens.

    • Harm to self or others is an outward symptom of an internal crisis that will have a direct impact on their well-being and effective functioning.

    • Children exposed to traumatic events are particularly at risk for developing long term psychological, physical, behavioral, and social problems.