• CHAMPS (Conversation, Help, Activity, Movement, Participation, Success)

    • CHAMPS is an acronym for a classroom management approach that is positive and procedural
    • CHAMPS is an evidence based appraoch to classroom management geared for students grades Pre-K-8
    • CHAMPS is a Positive Behavior Interventions Supports (PBIS) at the classroom level
    • CHAMPS is NOT a canned program.  Teachers can make it fit their personal management style
    • Discipline in the Secondary Classroom is specifically written for the secondary level

    Conversation - Can students talk during the activity?

    Help - How should students ask for help?

    Activity - What is the activity?

    Movement - Are students allowed to get up and move around the classroom during the activity?

    S = Success

    For more information on CHAMPS, contact Stacey Miller.