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  • Technology Inventory

    Posted by Patti Wenglikowski on 2/24/2021 7:00:00 AM

    If you've ever called the Help Desk, or asked a technician for assistance with some piece of technology in your office or classroom, you were probably asked for the 5-digit code from the label affixed to the device. It looks like this:

     EUPSchools Service Tag

    This tag is more than just a way for your technician to identify the make and model of your device, it also keeps your school in compliance with the Records Retention and Disposal Schedule for Michigan Public Schools. In General Retention Schedule #2, Item Number 800, (page 21 of online PDF) we learn the schools are required to keep a Technology Inventory. This record may be used to inventory equipment, software, telephones, etc., and is to be retained until the annual report for the fiscal year in which the item was disposed is audited.

    Very soon, technicians will be reaching out to Districts to schedule a time to take inventory of the hardware assets. Every hardware asset should have an EUPSchools Service Tag with a 5-digit number to identify it. If you have a hardware asset that does not have such a tag, contact the Help Desk at Let us know the make/model (i.e. Dell 3380 laptop, or HP 14" Chromebook, etc.) and serial number and we will get a Service tag to you right away.

    Records Retention and Disposal Schedule for Michigan Public Schools


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  • Cyber-Safety Monday - Where You Buy Matters

    Posted by Patti Wenglikowski on 2/22/2021 7:00:00 AM

    Ever wonder what is the difference between purchasing a laptop through the Tech Department and purchasing a laptop from Wal-Mart or other store? Cyber-safety is one of the most important differences.

    Manfacturer settings and the software that frequently comes pre-installed on laptops often have default account passwords and outdated security protocols enabled. 

    To securely manage laptops and other computing devices, your Tech Department creates an operation system image that contains only the software needed by staff and students. Using Windows Software Center, additional software and updates are managed by technicians and made available to you for easy download.

    Reduce security exposure and eliminate avenues of cyber-attacks by routing your computer purchases through REMC22 and the Tech Department.

    Essential Cyber Security Practices for K12

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  • Block Download Permissions for Meeting Recordings

    Posted by Patti Wenglikowski on 2/17/2021 7:00:00 AM

    As part of the New Stream experience, new Teams meeting recordings will be stored in your OneDrive for Business and SharePoint. Based on customer feedback we are enhancing the feature so that these recordings are not downloadable by those with view-only permissions, and that those permissions be set by default.

    When this change is implemented:

    1. All new Teams meeting recordings uploaded to OneDrive and SharePoint will be set so that everyone who would normally receive view-only permissions will now also be blocked from being able to download the recording by default.
    2. Any time the recording is shared with someone else, block download permissions will continue to be set by default. Only the recording edit owners will have the ability to explicitly override that setting and re-share with download permissions if they choose to do so. That will be an explicit action, so the owners will not be at risk of accidentally oversharing.
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